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Radical Listening, Meaningful Connections

In a world where communication is often dominated by quick texts, fleeting tweets, and half-listened conversations, the art of truly connecting seems almost lost. 


However, building stronger relationships through radical listening can transform how we engage with the world around us.


Inspired by the spirit of Gemini, the muse for communication and messaging, we can find our way in the world by mastering the art of listening. 

Radical Listening and Patriarchy

Carol Gilligan’s work on ethical relationships and the ethics of care underscores the importance of radical listening. 


In her books, “In a Different Voice,” “Why Does the Patriarchy Persist?” and “Darkness Made Visible,” Gilligan explores the dynamics of silencing and the power of giving voice.


Her insights remind us that listening is not just about hearing words but about understanding and validating the speaker’s experience.

If patriarchy is an idealization of a past that requires silencing and lies, radical listening is the reckoning.

Inanna’s Radical Listening


Inanna’s mythological descent into the underworld symbolizes the journey of opening oneself to hidden truths and voices.


Her act of listening, even to the depths of the underworld, represents the courage to hear and acknowledge what is often silenced.


In our own lives, embracing radical listening means being willing to hear and validate those who have been marginalised or ignored.

The Impact of Silencing


Silencing is a pervasive force that undermines genuine communication and connection. It is the act of ignoring, dismissing, or invalidating someone’s voice and experiences.


This phenomenon is deeply rooted in patriarchal structures, which have historically marginalised and silenced many voices, particularly those of women and minorities.


Carol Gilligan’s statement, “If patriarchy is an idealization of a past that requires silencing and lies, radical listening is the reckoning,” highlights the destructive nature of silencing and the transformative power of listening.

Understanding Silencing


Silencing can take many forms:


Interruptions and Over-talking: Cutting someone off or speaking over them can diminish their sense of worth and discourage them from sharing their thoughts.

Dismissive Responses: Phrases like “You’re overreacting” or “It’s not a big deal” invalidate the speaker’s feelings and experiences.

Ignoring: Failing to acknowledge someone’s contributions or presence can make them feel invisible and unimportant.

Cultural Silencing: Societal norms and biases that prioritize certain voices over others perpetuate systemic inequalities and exclusion.

The Consequences of Silencing


When individuals are silenced, it can lead to several negative outcomes:


The Erosion of Trust: If people feel that their voices are not heard or valued, they may withdraw and become less likely to engage in meaningful conversations.

Emotional Distress: Being consistently silenced can lead to feelings of frustration, anger, and low self-esteem.

Loss of Valuable Perspectives: Silencing suppresses diverse viewpoints and experiences, which are crucial for collective growth and understanding.

Perpetuation of Inequality: By maintaining the status quo, silencing upholds power imbalances and prevents social progress.

Breaking the Cycle of Silencing


To combat silencing, we must commit to radical listening:


Create Safe Spaces: Encourage open dialogue where all voices are welcomed and respected.

Acknowledge and Validate: Show that you value what the speaker has to say by acknowledging their feelings and experiences.

Challenge Interruption and Over-talking: Be mindful of giving everyone a chance to speak without being interrupted.

Amplify Marginalised Voices: Make a conscious effort to listen to and elevate voices that are often overlooked or silenced.

Moving Forward with Radical Listening

By integrating the lessons from Inanna’s quest for knowledge, the communicative essence of Gemini, and Carol Gilligan’s profound insights, we can foster a culture of radical listening.


This practice enriches our relationships and contributes to a more just and equitable society. Let us commit to listening deeply, empathizing genuinely, and valuing every voice.


In doing so, we can build stronger, more meaningful connections with those around us and find our way in the world.

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