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Astrology, a Portal to the World 


For thousands of years, Astrology, a complex map of mathematics and mythology, has been one of the portals used to explore the World.


To this day our understanding of astrology is still evolving as our understanding of the world is evolving. It’s important to know that astrology is neither patriarchally centred, white world-centred nor Northern hemisphere-centred unless that is how one sees the world.


Every human carries the signature of the celestial bodies within themselves, as an image of the solar system at their birth. This premise forms the basis and the experience of astrology. 


A natal chart, also known as your birth chart, determined by the location, date and time of birth, informs so much about how you find your way in the world. 

Which brings us to Lilith


One of the myths spoken into existence over thousands of years was Lilith; the most distorted and demonised of all the female archetypes.


For the most part, Lilith is overlooked for interpretation yet she informs so much about a woman’s life and her transformational journey.


Instead, the only ‘feminine’ symbols interpreted are Venus and the Moon.


This omission not only of Lilith but also of the Asteroid Goddesses, represses the majority aspect of a woman’s psyche and leaves women feeling incomplete and less than worthy.


There are three Lilith symbols to examine in an astrological chart,  each symbol representing a different stage, and transformation, of a woman’s life:


1. Asteroid Lilith

2. Dark Moon Lilith

3. Black Moon Lilith


Hand Maiden. Priestess. Rebel. Seductress. Demon. Child-Killer. Temptress. Feminist. Powerful Woman. Dark Goddess.


The mythology of the Lilith in Astrology is complex and far more than can be covered here. (Course starting July 23rd)


From her first recorded appearance in the Sumerian age until now, Lilith has been called all sorts of names, resulting in her being the most maligned and distorted of all the female archetypes.

Lilith, Goddess of the Dark Moon


One Goddess. One Muse. One Course. Four Weeks. 


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Lilith, the First Feminist

The mythology of the goddess Lilith in Astrology is complex and far more than can be covered here. From her first recorded appearance in the Sumerian age until now, Lilith has been called all sorts of names, resulting in her being the most maligned and distorted of all the female archetypes.


Lilith’s mythical biography starts in ancient Sumeria as a handmaiden to the great goddess Innanna.


She then appears as Adam’s first wife in Hebrew mythology and God’s consort in the Kabbalah tradition.


In Judaism and Christianity, Lilith is rumoured to have been Adam’s first wife, created not from his rib after he had already been formed, unlike Eve, but as an original, from the earth.


Originally he and she, Adam and Lilith, were created equal and together and set in the Garden of Eden to give things their names and bring the world into manifestation. 


Lilith insisted upon full equality, which Adam refused.

With the coming of the patriarchy it became unacceptable for women (and the female in each man) to experience Lilith’s original essence as a sexually vital free spirit who was equal to man.

Rather than compromise her truth and power, Lilith chose voluntary exile and was subsequently punished. The internalisation of the Lilith myth in women over thousands of years resulted in women ‘knowing their place’ and being marginalised if they questioned the status quo. 


The placement of Lilith in our chart indicates where our true power is, not the culturally assigned roles of ‘feminine power’. 


As Laurie Penny writes in ‘Unspeakable Things’:

There comes a time when you have to decide whether to change yourself to fit the story, or change the story itself.

In the 21st Century, Lilith is calling on you to change the story; to awaken her energy and essence, because in doing so, you reclaim Lilith’s true powers of integrity, autonomy and equality. 


To find your way in the world.

Ask Yourself…

1. What desires have I sacrificed for society’s expectations of being the ‘compliant woman’?

2. Is there any aspect of me that is exiled or imprisoned? 

3. What personal practices can I undertake to reclaim these exiled aspects

4. What do I judge other women for? Shadow work is important in healing unowned aspects of self. 

5. What desires have I not brought forth in your life yet?

6. What do I need to let go of to be fully free and to find a life that is mine?

7. In which areas of my life do I feel powerless?

8. How do I resolve conflict without exiling myself?

9. How do I participate in upholding the existing structures of oppression?

Swift is not the first snake woman. Since the Old Testament, society has sought to discredit and vilify women by associating them with the scaly and the slithering. It’s the oldest trope in the book – from Eve to Medusa, the snake has always been a faithful misogynist device, used to destroy female reputation.

Lilith as Muse

1. You’re fierce. Think Beyonce fierce. Beyonce with Moon, Neptune and Lilith conjunct in Scorpio in the 2nd house. So fierce, so loud your mantra is ‘hear me roar’

2. You understand that identifying as a feminist means advocating equality for all

3. You know that self-respect underpins self-love

4. Certain things are non-negotiable. Such as your agency, access and autonomy

5. You own and enjoy your sexuality big time. Hello Elizabeth Taylor with Uranus, Venus and Lilith in Aries in the 5th house

6. Living life according to your values is a non-negotiable. Just as Oprah does with Lilith in Libra conjunct Mid-Heaven in Libra

7. Watch Taylor Swift’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do. With Lilith in Scorpio conjunct her Mid-Heaven in Scorpio

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