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The world you need now.

GlobalWoman is centred around global connections, virtual meetings and transformational conversations to find a life that is yours.

Inside GlobalWoman, women are creating businesses and living lives for the world we need now. 

Lives and businesses that centre creativity, love, pleasure, justice, joy and embodiment to co-create a world where all people are free to find a life that is theirs.

We invite you to join us.

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Who we’re listening to, reading and watching – September 2020

GlobalWoman centres the lived experiences of all female-identifying people.

Each week, we update the female-centred and created content we are reading, listening to and watching during Covid 19.

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“There comes a time in every woman’s life where she has to decide to change herself to fit the world or change the world.”

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Inside GlobalWoman we’re having powerful and profound conversations on self-care, dismantling patriarchy and white supremacy, navigating and managing COVID 19, astrology beyond gender, patriarchy and whiteness, what we’re reading, listening and watching plus business for GlobalWoman entrepreneurs. 


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  • Growing Insider community of creators, connectors and contributors
  • Communities and conversations built around:
    • Business for GlobalWoman Entrepreneurs
    • Astrology beyond Gender, Patriarchy and Whiteness
    • Reading, Listening and Watching
    • Self-Care for GlobalWoman
    • Dismantling Patriarchy and White Supremacy
    • Navigating and managing COVID 19
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  • GlobalWoman In Conversation series with global female thought-leaders. We cover topics that champion you to move beyond the culturally assigned roles of being born female to find a life that is yours.
  • Weekly World Calls – in Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere friendly times
  • World Masterclasses in specialist tools + Q & A
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  • Unique GlobalWoman content and group conversations for Insiders only
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  • Resources co-created by our GW partners
  • GlobalWoman Insiders directory 

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Once you’re inside the GlobalWoman World, you get to choose the communities and conversations you want to be part of. One or all.

Business for GlobalWoman Entrepreneurs

Dismantling Patriarchy and White Supremacy

Exploring Astrology beyond Patriarchy and Whiteness

Exploring and Evolving Self-Care

Who we’re Listening to, Reading & Watching

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We invite you to be co-creators of a female-centred world that centres creativity, community, connectivity, commerce and your cyclical wisdom.


GlobalWoman dismantles the global languages of astrology, creativity, business and leadership through the female lens.

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GlobalWoman Insider

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GlobalWoman Insider

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Read about Barbara Carrellas

We want you to know that…

1. We will champion you to explore the full powers of your being and life desires 

2. We champion your right to live safely in this world, free from violence and oppressive structures

3. We champion your full bodily autonomy, sexual safety and expression of boundaries

4. We believe in your right to explore and express your full economic actualisation and independence

5. We believe that you have right to choose and complete and quality education and training, from girl-child to woman

6. We believe in your freedom to explore and value your life through the lens of your lived experience

7. Regardless of your physical age, we believe in your agency to find and live a life that is yours


Slide The Gw School of Business Female entrepreneurs are going to build a better world.

Our GlobalWoman purpose is to help them do so.

The GlobalWoman mission is to prepare you for the female-centred economy with tools, training, a community of GlobalWoman entrepreneurs. + exclusive access to our GlobalWoman Partners.
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Slide Acknowledging our teachers Learn More GlobalWoman acknowledges the First Nation peoples
on the land on which we work and live.

We acknowledge the matrilineal line and our ancestors.

We acknowledge our influences and teachers in Astrology ,
creativity, entrepreneurship, friendship, leadership and more.
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and learning from
Read More Experience the clarity, courage and grace of
the women that GlobalWoman is listening
to and learning from.
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the world you want to live in
Learn More Inside GlobalWoman, we centre the lived experience of women around connection, community, creativity and commerce.
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