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Calling you in from the North, South, East and West to embody LUMINOUS in your life.

Inside LUMINOUS, we meet to circle the wheel of the year together as we navigate our journeys through the lunar cycles.

365 Days. 13 New Moons. LUMINOUS 2022.


Your LUMINOUS Genius

Your LUMINOUS Imagination

Your LUMINOUS Bravery

Your LUMINOUS Desires

Your LUMINOUS Communication

Your LUMINOUS Intuition

Your LUMINOUS Courage

Your LUMINOUS Priestess

Your LUMINOUS Relating


Your LUMINOUS Journey

GlobalWoman is a global community centred around lunar cycles

LUMINOUS teaches us to mark the passage of time and the transition of the natural seasons through observing light and dark. We observe the passing of time through the changing sky.

We learn the myths of the ancients and tell stories about their presence in our 21st Century lives.

We gather to talk and create.

We create rituals centred around the lunar phases and unique to our lives. We meet our ancestors knowing that we too, will be the ancestors.

We place ourselves at the centre of each cycle, and our charts. 

We deconstruct the coded language of traditional astrology and the culturally assigned roles of being born female, to meet who we truly are.

With our feet firmly planted on earth, we travel around the wheel and calendar year, lunar cycle by lunar cycle, to witness the unfolding magic of the Moon’s phases in our lives. With each cycle, we recognise that something else is at play, larger than the systems of the modern era that we live in.

We recognise our LUMINOUS.

GlobalWoman is the creator and publisher of LUMINOUS, a global community centred around the Lunar Cycles.

These are not easy times, nor is circling the wheel for the faint of heart. Nothing is easy. Work we thought done, must be redone, refashioned in a new way.

Thankfully LUMINOUS is here.

The Sun makes days, seasons and years. The Moon makes months. 

You make LUMINOUS.

Membership of LUMINOUS takes you through all aspects and expressions of the New Moon sign in the 12 houses as well as the Luminaries, planets, asteroids and points.

There comes a time in every woman’s life where you have to decide to change yourself to fit the world, or change the world.

A world where you…

Make magic.

Cultivate relationships.

Value connections.

Live an embodied life.

Care for yourself, your communities and your planet.

Centre female-created content.

Acknowledge all First Nations peoples as custodians of the lands.

Honour your ancestors.

Do the work of dismantling white supremacy.

Undermine the patriarchy.

Decolonise your body, mind and life.

Look to cyclical time as your guide.

Create, co-create and collaborate.

Manifest and prosper.

Explore the world to learn what the world needs now.

…embody your luminous.


Luminous time reminds us to look up.

Each New Moon initiates a GlobalWoman cycle because choosing to navigate life through the lunar cycles is a feminist practice. There is space to be creative, flowing and LUMINOUS as opposed to the rigidity demanded from linear time.

From New Moon to Dark Moon to New Moon.

When we choose to navigate life through the lens of the lunar cycles, we are also committed to transforming communities and co-creating the world we want to live in. 

The lunar phases let us know when it is time to work and when it is time to rest. 

Not only do we reclaim the concept of ‘time’, we begin the work of being embodied in our relationship with the Moon and her phases.

In doing the work of circling the wheel, we’re choosing to be brave and luminous.


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