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12 Lunar Cycles.
One GlobalWoman Year.


GlobalWoman is an online world centred around lunar cycles for socially aware creatives + entrepreneurs for networking, learning and collaborating.


Building a world that is bigger rather than smaller.

The GlobalWoman mission is to create and live lives that centre creativity, love, pleasure, power, justice, joy and embodiment to co-create a world where you are free to find a life that is yours.

Inside the GlobalWoman World, we navigate linear time illuminated by the themes of each lunar cycle.

Universal themes of structure, revolution, creativity, action, embodiment, self-expression, ancestors, leadership, service, relating, power and vision.










What happens inside GlobalWoman?


GlobalWoman Insiders gain access to all connections, communities and conversations for the world you need now.

You’ll network with socially-aware creatives, currently based in North America, England and Australia who are co-creating the world we need now.

In 2021, GlobalWoman learning themes are centred around the twelve lunar cycles.

  • Weekly Live Astro Sessions
  • Fortnightly Live Sessions for GlobalWoman Entrepreneurs
  • Monthly Workbook

Additionally you receive access to courses* specifically created for GW Insiders. *Note that access to some courses require payment.

As a GlobalWoman Insider you will have access to all resources our World has to offer.

  • Collaborate and exchange big ideas and small ideas about power, patriarchy, white-supremacy and its impact and harm, equality, justice, astrology, the lunar-cycle, self-care, business, capitalism, the marketplace our planet and so much more.
  • The GlobalWoman Book Club where each month we centre female-created and centred content aligned with the current lunar cycle. 
  • The GlobalWoman Insiders directory 

The 2nd Lunar Cycle of 2021 commences February 11th at 23° 16′ Aquarius. Join the waitlist.


There comes a time in every woman’s life where you have to decide to change yourself to fit the world or change the world.

A world where you…

Make magic.

Cultivate relationships.

Value connections.

Live an embodied life.

Care for yourself, your communities and your planet.

Centre female-created content.

Acknowledge all First Nations peoples as custodians of the lands.

Honour your ancestors.

Do the work of dismantling white supremacy.

Undermine the patriarchy.

Decolonise your body, mind and life.

Look to cyclical time as your guide.

Create, co-create and collaborate.

Manifest and prosper.

Explore the world to learn what the world needs now.

…change the world.


The 2nd Lunar Cycle of 2021 commences February 11th at 23° 16′ Aquarius. Join the waitlist.


Meet Current GlobalWoman Insiders

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