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You found your way to GlobalWoman from one of the four directions: North, South, East or West. 


Inside GlobalWoman we talk about circling the calendar solar wheel, exploring the lunar cycles, creative muses, navigating creative entrepreneurship and living simply, beautifully, and creatively.

We step out of linear time into luminous living.

The Sun makes days, seasons, and years. The Moon makes months.

You make LUMINOUS.

Circling the wheel and living a creative life is not for the faint of heart; work we thought done, must be redone, reimagined, and recrafted in a new way.

With feet firmly planted on earth, GlobalWoman called you in from the North, South, East and West to do the work of cultivating and championing your creative LUMINOUS gifts.

Every step has been right. Every step has brought you here.

Walking the earth. Circling the calendar year. Observing the changing sky to gain a profound appreciation for the interconnectedness of life and the world around you. 

LUMINOUS teaches us to mark the passage of time and the transition of the natural seasons by observing light and dark. 

In 2023, GlobalWoman published LUMINOUS Wonder, The Age of Creative Renaissance as your 200+ page companion to Saturn in Pisces. 

Saturn’s Gift: Cultivate Your Genius

On March 8th, 2023, the planet Saturn, after three years in the air sign of Aquarius, entered the sign of Pisces, which it will remain in until February 15th, 2026. 

Saturn and Pisces.

Earth and Water.

Pragmatist and Visionary.

LUMINOUS Wonder from GlobalWoman, is your one-of-a-kind companion to track and embody your Saturn in Pisces Journey, until February 15th, 2026.

  • 2023 – SURRENDER
  • 2024 – SUBMERGE
  • 2025 – FLOATING
  • 2026 – EMERGING

Luminous Wonder is a 200+ page guide exploring the creatice celestial phenomenon of Saturn in Pisces. Prepare to embark on a cosmic journey to illuminate the mysteries and wonders of this astrological event.


There comes a time in every woman’s life when you have to decide to change yourself to fit the world or change the world.

A world where you…

Make magic.

Acknowledge all First Nations peoples as custodians of the lands.

Honour your ancestors.

Dismantle the patriarchy.

Care for yourself, your communities and your planet.

Decolonise your body, mind and life.

Cultivate relationships.

Centre female-created content.

Look to cyclical time as your guide.

Intuit, envision and bring forth.

Cultivate a creative relationship with your genius.

Do the work of setting free your gifts.

Create, co-create and collaborate.

Live an embodied life.

…embody your luminous essence.


Championing and showcasing the GlobalWoman Entrepreneur

In the ancient world, the task of setting free one’s gifts was a recognized labor.

We know that you possess unique gifts and a luminous genius waiting to be fully expressed.

The GlobalWoman mission is to provide the tools, resources, and guidance necessary to help you share your valuable knowledge and luminous gifts with the world.

Which is why we help the GlobalWoman Entrepreneur create, build and automate their online courses and programs.


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