Woman of the world.

Feet on the ground.

Soul amongst the stars.

A woman of the revolution and a force to be reckoned with.

Visionary with a big mind and bold dreams.

Fierce. Devoted. Creative. Complex. Unconventional. Ambitious.

Co-creating the world you want to live in as opposed to the world you were born into.

Living upward, outward and global.

Exploring, evolving and embodying feminine identity to find a life that is yours.

Hello GlobalWoman.

I’m Yamini. 

I started GlobalWoman because I whole-heartedly believe that the revolution will be feminist and global.

I believe that you and I are in the world to change the world.

Every day I go to bat for the GlobalWoman sisterhood, helping them call on their intuition and hustle, slashing through obstacles fiercely, boldly, powerfully.

“Taking the GlobalWoman journey has changed my life. Over the past 12 years of being in creative business I have often struggled to find the right direction and approach to successfully realise my ideas within the online market. 


With Yamini’s crystal clear and savvy guidance, I have not only discovered the best strategies to action my ideas but I have also identified the essence of me within my business.

Using astrological insights in combination with my brand’s DNA and my customers’ needs, Yamini has activated my superpowers to create longevity, sustainability and an ongoing passion for sharing my gift with the world while earning a bumper income.”

Bunny Hoopstar

Hoop Empire Owner and Creative Director


Work with GlobalWoman

At GlobalWoman one of our favourite things in life is seeing women get energised about stepping into their power, fiercely finding a life that is theirs and living revolutionary lives.

We can help you do that. 

“Yamini’s SuperPower Goddess Reading came at just the right moment in my life. At a time when I couldn’t explain the dark cloud or melancholy, her compassion and patience as well as the actual reading itself was life preserver in a sea of discontent.


I felt understood, and was finally able to understand where I was at and how to work with it, and not against it.


The reading gave me so much clarity and comfort and I’d highly recommend it to anyone that is at a crossroads in work, life or business.”

Robyn Law

Robyn GW

Make 2018 the year you

explore, evolve and embody

your superpowers

Starting March 2018 for 8 weeks and using the map of astrology we meet to explore, evolve and embody the presence and power of the Goddesses in your chart.

Enrolment opens February 2018. 

Super-powered Journey-Maker, 

Trailblazer and GlobalWoman Entrepreneur.

GlobalWoman champions women exploring, evolving and embodying boldness, fierceness, creativity, relating, power and ambition – universal themes in every woman’s life.

To find a life that is yours. 

Are you ready to explore, evolve and embody your Goddess SuperPowers in 2018?

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