Taylor Swift and Her Creative Muses

What we know about Taylor Swift’s Natal Chart


Taylor Swift was born on December 13th 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania.


Her Natal Sun is at 21°31′ Sagittarius.


Additionally, Taylor has:


– Mercury at 8°50’ Capricorn

– Neptune at 11° 20’ Capricorn

– Saturn at 13°27’33’ Capricorn

The Muses


Taylor has the muse of music, song, and lyric poetry Euterpe at 24°59′ Aquarius squaring her Mars at 26°47′ Scorpio.


She also has Polyhymnia the muse of hymns and sacred poetry at 6°09′ Capricorn, conjunct Mercury at 8°50′ Capricorn.


What we don’t know about Taylor’s Natal Chart?


We don’t have an official accurate time of birth for Taylor Swift, therefore we’re unable to cast her chart or know the sign and degree of her Ascendant and Moon.

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About Saturn


– Saturn is the ruler of time

– Saturn stays in a sign for 2 &1/2 – 3 years

– A season on Saturn lasts 7 years

– Saturn takes 29 years to circle the chart


– Saturn themes are structure, labor, ambition, maturity, discipline, lessons learned, order, wisdom, identity

Saturn’s Role in Setting Free Our Gifts


In the Ancient world, the task of setting free one’s gifts was a recognized labor.


Cultivating creativity is a transformative journey that requires discipline and commitment to the creative muse and the labor involved.

Taylor’s First Significant Transition


Around mid-April 1998, at the age of 9 & 1/2, Taylor’s Natal Sun progressed from Sagittarius to Capricorn, symbolising a pivotal moment in her personal and creative development.


Awakening the Gift


It was time for Taylor to get serious about her big ideas.


The Progressed Sun moves 1° a year.


This progression of the Sun into Capricorn indicates a shift towards a more structured, ambitious, and disciplined approach to her labor and craft. 


At the age of eleven in the year 2000, Swift travelled to Nashville with her mother. Their goal was to pitch demo tapes of karaoke covers to record labels, hoping for Taylor to be signed.


Returning to her hometown in Pennsylvania, Capricorn wisdom kicked in and Swift realized she had to distinguish herself from other aspiring country singers.


To this end at the age of 12, Taylor Swift took the initiative to craft her songs and learn the guitar.

Muse ~ Saturn in Cancer 


Around 2003, Taylor and her family relocated their home to Nashville, whilst Transiting Saturn was in Cancer.


The muse of the time was the Moon, ruler of Cancer and the home.

#1: 24th October 2006 | Taylor Swift


Taylor’s Age: 16 & ¾, 17 in December


– Transiting Saturn at 23°24’ Leo

– The Muse of the time is the Sun, ruler of Leo

Muse ~ Saturn in Leo

Image Source

When we heard Taylor Swift at the tender innocent age of 16 and 3/4  back in 2006, on her debut album she was singing about summer love and teardrops, Tim McGraw and a Chevy truck. 


Six tracks in we hear Taylor sing for the first time themes of Saturn on ’The Outside’. 


Themes of teenage loneliness, the outsider and self-criticism are words associated with Saturn.

So, how can I ever try to be better? Nobody ever let's me in And I can still see you, this ain't the best view On the outside looking in I've been a lot of lonely places I've never been on the outside."

#2: 11th November 2008 | Fearless


Taylor’s Age: 18, 19 in December


– Transiting Saturn 19°31’ Virgo

– The muse of the time is Mercury, ruler of Virgo

Muse ~ Saturn in Virgo

Image Source

Just over two years later and with Saturn now in Virgo, Taylor released her second album Fearless. 


The album, mostly written as Taylor was promoting and touring, reflects her maturation from her life experiences of that time.


Virgo, the high priestess of truth-telling, inspires an album of honest lyrics of teenage girl angst.


The narrative has shifted since the days of wide-eyed teenage innocence; heartaches and headaches have left their marks of wisdom, another Saturn theme. 

Taylor is growing up.


By the end of 2008, Taylor Swift had solidified her status as the top-selling artist of the year. Her debut album continued its impressive run on the charts, and Fearless earned the distinction of being the most-awarded country album in history.

#3: 25th October 2010 | Speak Now


Taylor’s Age: 20, 21 in December


– Transiting Saturn at 10°40’ Libra

– The Muse of the time is Libra, the daytime ruler of Venus, the Goddess of Love 

Muse ~ Saturn in Libra

Image Source

Just under two years after the release of the 2nd album Fearless, and now 20 Taylor released ‘Speak Now’ with Saturn in Libra. 


Libra is about the balance of relating between I and WE. 


Speak Now is known for Taylor taking control of her narrative and speaking her truth, which can relate to finding a balance between different aspects of her life and relationships.


Speak Now consists of confessional songs mostly about love and heartbreak that explore past relationships and depart from the youthful optimism of her past albums. 


Some tracks were inspired by her rising stardom and public experience, and they have lyrics about confrontation against her critics and adversaries. 


Opens with MINE

#4: 22nd October 2012 | Red


Taylor’s Age: 22, 23 in December


– Transiting Saturn @1°56′ Scorpio

– The Muse of the time is Pluto, ruler of Scorpio

Muse ~ Saturn in Scorpio

Image Source

Two years on from Speak Now and with Saturn now in Scorpio, a new Taylor has emerged. 


In Roman mythology, Pluto reigns as the ruler of Scorpio, weaving a narrative of loss and betrayal in the underworld. The myth of Pluto is entangled with themes of violation, encapsulated in the vivid imagery of the red pomegranate.


Between the albums “Speak Now” and “Red,” there unfolds a profound narrative of the loss of innocence, akin to the underworld journey associated with Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio. 


Taylor’s musical odyssey mirrors this mythic descent, as she traverses the depths of emotional upheaval and emerges with songs that resonate with the survival of betrayal.


“Red” serves as the crucible where Taylor confronts and processes the profound betrayal that inspired the album.


Much like Scorpio’s representation of transformation and intensity, the album delves into the intricate tapestry of love and heartbreak, exploring the various phases with emotional depth and complexity.

#5: 27th October 2014 | 1989


Taylor’s Age: 24, 25 in December


– Transiting Saturn at 23°18’ Scorpio

– The Muse of time is again Scorpio, but now in the 3rd Deccan.

Muse ~ Saturn in Scorpio

Image Source

Two years have passed since the release of Red when Saturn was at 1°56’ Scorpio. 


On October 27th, 2014, Taylor Swift released her fifth album, “1989,” coinciding with Saturn transiting at 23°18’ Scorpio.


Two years of Scorpio. 


These two years encapsulate a journey through the depths of Scorpio’s influence. While Taylor may have traversed the metaphorical underworld, she extracted and re-emerged with a rich reservoir of creative inspiration.


1989 signifies deep personal transformation, most notably a significant change in Taylor’s musical style and public image.

#6: 10th November 2017 | Reputation


Taylor’s Age: 27, 28 in December


– Transiting Saturn at 25° 29′ Sagittarius

– The Muse of the time is Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius

Muse ~ Saturn in Sagittarius

Image Source

Eleven years on from her debut album, Taylor has undertaken a profound and creative evolutionary journey, evolving from a 16-year-old teenager into a 27-year-old woman. 


Her creative evolution has been meticulously documented through a series of albums, each intricately correlated with the transits of the muse Saturn. 


On November 10th, 2017 when Saturn is at 25° 29′ Sagittarius, Taylor releases her sixth studio album, Reputation. 


Transitioning from sweet serenades of summer love and Tim McGraw, in Reputation Taylor epitomizes the archetype of the original serpent woman Lilith. 


In “Look What You Made Me Do,” the first single from “Reputation,” Taylor vociferously asserts that this time around, she’s not playing nice and sweet.


While she successfully weathered the Pluto underworld, the lessons learned are etched in her memory, ensuring they won’t be forgotten anytime soon.


This marks a bold declaration of resilience and self-empowerment in the face of transformative experiences.

“Swift is not the first snake woman.

Since the Old Testament, society has sought to discredit and vilify women by associating them with the scaly and the slithering.

It’s the oldest trope in the book – from Eve to Medusa, the snake has always been a faithful misogynist device, used to destroy female reputation.”

August 22nd 2019 ~ Saturn Return

– Transiting Saturn at 14°R 30′ Capricorn 


On August 22, 2019, Taylor revealed her plans to embark on the ambitious journey of re-recording her first six albums.


This strategic move was not only a testament to her resilience and determination to reclaim control over her master recordings but also marked a significant chapter in the ongoing narrative of artists’ rights within the music industry.

#7: 23rd August 2019 | Lover 


Taylor’s Age: 29, 30 in December


– Transiting Saturn at 14° 28’ Capricorn Retrograde 

– Taylor’s Saturn at 13°27’33’ Capricorn

– The Muse of the time is Saturn, ruler of Capricorn


Lover is Taylor’s Saturn Return album

Muse ~ Saturn in Capricorn

Image Source

Saturn Return is a transit that occurs when Saturn returns to its exact sign and degree of the natal Saturn.


Saturn takes approximately 29 years to circle the chart. This means that a person’t first Saturn Return occurs between the ages of 28-30.

In Taylor’s seventh studio album, she revisits the timeless theme of her debut work—LOVE.


However, this time around, she approaches it with thirteen years of wisdom, showcasing a maturity that reflects her growth as an artist and individual.


Throughout her journey, Taylor has encountered heartbreak and navigated both personal and business betrayals.


Having delved into the complexities of life’s underworld, she emerges astute and wise, recognizing the brevity of life. In LOVER, Taylor crafts a whimsical ode to love, now viewed through the lens of her lived experience.


This wiser perspective on love manifests in various forms—romantic love, familial love, a love for the vibrant city of London, a love for colour, and a deep appreciation for the bonds of friendship.


LOVER encapsulates a nuanced exploration of love, reflecting not only her artistic evolution but also the joy of understanding gained from her personal journey.

#8: 24th July 2020 | folklore


Taylor’s Age: 30, 31 in December


– Transiting Saturn at 28°25’ Capricorn

– The Muse of the time is Saturn, ruler of Capricorn

– Taylor’s Progressed Sun at 22°43’ Capricorn

Muse ~ Saturn in Capricorn


Less than six months after the release of LOVER, the world was in the beginning of a global pandemic.


In place of touring for LOVER, Taylor, much like the rest of us, found herself in lockdown, navigating this unprecedented period of isolation and uncertainty.


With Transiting Saturn still in Capricorn, the global landscape of work was changing. Taylor took the opportunity to reinvent her own work.


On July 24th, 2020 Taylor released FOLKLORE, her first album since her Saturn Return, showing a new level of creative maturity and storytelling.


FOLKLORE emerged as a product of quarantine, a collection of songs and stories conceived as “a stream of consciousness.”


Collaborating virtually with producers, Swift crafted an introspective album, perfectly attuned to the mood of the time shaped by the isolating impact of the pandemic.

#9: 11th December 2020 | evermore


Taylor’s Age: 31


– Transiting Saturn at 29°22’ Capricorn

– Taylor’s Progressed Sun at 23°6’ Capricorn

Muse ~ Saturn in Capricorn


Continuing to navigate the global pandemic, and with Saturn positioned at 29°22′ Capricorn, Taylor released EVERMORE five months after the debut of FOLKLORE.


Saturn was in the final degrees of Capricorn at 29°22′, and so was Taylor’s reverie for whimsical pop songs. For now.


On EVERMORE, just as she did with FOLKLORE and with Saturn in Capricorn as her muse, she challenges herself to step outside of what she knows and into indie territory. 

#10: 21st October 2022 | Midnights


Taylor’s Age: 32, 33 in December


– Transiting Saturn 18°36’ Aquarius Retrograde

– The Muse of the time is Uranus, ruler of Aquarius

Muse ~ Saturn in Aquarius 

Image Source

Sixteen years have elapsed between Taylor Swift’s debut album and the release of “Midnights” on October 21st, 2022.


When Taylor’s debut album was released Transiting Saturn was 23° 24′ Leo. Sixteen years later, Saturn is now in Leo’s opposite sign, Aquarius.


Additionally, ”Midnights” is the first album revealed during a Saturn Retrograde transit. This retrospective phase finds Taylor looking back, reflecting on the age of 19, a pivotal period situated between “Fearless” and “Speak Now.”


The innocence of 2006 has given way to a weary detachment, encapsulating a journey marked by regret,  heartbreak and growth.


Could or would have Taylor predicted the revolution of her creative arc? Possibly not, but her artistic evolution follows the timing of Saturn’s muse.

17th March 2023 | Eras Tour


Taylor’s Age – 33 years, 34 in December


– Transiting Saturn at 1°6’ Pisces

– The Muse of the time is Neptune, ruler of Pisces

Muse ~ Saturn in Pisces Muse

Eras is a celebration of all the muses. 

Image Source

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