All About Virgo | Virgo Moon, Ascendant and in the 12 Houses

The twelve astrological houses associated with Virgo each bring unique qualities to individuals’ lives.


From the 1st House, emphasising play and adornment, to the 12th House, focused on spiritual contemplation and creative healing, Virgo’s influence is marked by grounded sensitivity, discernment, and an aspiration for refinement—an embodiment of the alchemical priestess.


Alchemy is a historical and philosophical tradition that seeks to transform base materials into gold or achieve spiritual enlightenment through a process of purification and transmutation.


The presence of Virgo in your astrological chart serves as a powerful catalyst for harnessing your brilliant mind and acute attention to detail in the pursuit of service.


Within the realm of astrology, this alignment is akin to a sacred alchemical practice, where the precision of Virgo’s analytical thinking combines with its inherent sense of duty, creating a transformative force that can bring about positive change in both your life and the lives of those you touch.


Virgo’s truth is a calling to diligently refine your talents, organising them in service of a higher purpose, and ultimately transmuting these qualities into tangible contributions that benefit not only yourself but also the wider world.

Moon in Virgo


The Moon in Virgo is characterised by a deep need for order, precision, and practicality in one’s emotional life.


People graced with a Virgo Moon often find comfort in routine and attention to detail.


They are highly analytical and critical, both of themselves and their surroundings, and may have a tendency to worry.


However, their keen eye for detail also makes them excellent problem solvers.

Emotionally, they may struggle with self-criticism and a desire for perfection, but they are also nurturing and helpful to those they care about.


Overall, the Moon in Virgo signifies a strong focus on practicality and a desire to nurture through service and attention to the finer points of life.



• Mars @4° 09′ Virgo ♌

• Moon @23° 36’ Virgo

• Mid-Heaven @25° 47’ Virgo


Lorde, the New Zealand-born singer-songwriter, has a Virgo Moon, Mars, and Mid-Heaven, revealing her innate talent for precision and attention to detail in her music and public image.


This suggests a disciplined and strategic approach to her career, contributing to her unique artistic style and success.



• Moon at 19° 24′ Virgo

Lizzo, the vibrant American singer and rapper, possesses a Moon in Virgo, showcasing her analytical and perfectionist tendencies in her creative process.

This placement infuses Lizzo’s music with precision and a thoughtful approach, while also reflecting her dedication to body positivity and self-care, themes associated with the 2nd House.

The Virgo Ascendant


The Ascendant is your entry point into the human, earthly experience. The point of the Ascendant is determined by the exact degree of the zodiac that was rising up over the eastern horizon at the time, date and location of your incarnation.


Demetra George, author of Mysteries of the Dark Moon, writes that the Ascendant speaks to what we want to be known for.


Virgo Ascendant individuals project an image of practicality and precision. They often appear reserved but are observant and analytical. Their life path is marked by self-improvement and attention to detail in their personal and professional endeavours.

MADONNA – Ascendant at 8°15′ Virgo


• Pluto @1° 43′ Virgo

• Moon @11° 32’ Virgo

• Mercury @5° 39′ Retrograde Virgo

• Ceres @10°00′ Virgo


Madonna, with her Ascendant, Pluto, Moon, Mercury, and Ceres in Virgo, embodies the Virgoan traits of precision and perfectionism.


This stellium in Virgo suggests Madonna’s powerful drive for self-improvement and transformation, influencing her groundbreaking artistry, strong communication skills, emotional depth, and nurturing approach to her career and relationships.

Janelle Monaé 


• Ascendant at 10° 13’ Virgo


Janelle Monáe’s Virgo Ascendant infuses her with a meticulous and analytical approach to life. She often appears reserved but is observant and detail-oriented, reflecting her disciplined work ethic and precision in her artistry and public image.


1st House Virgo


Defined by the Ascendant, the First House represents the concept known as self; the body you were born with, your physical appearance, and your general temperament also known as who you are.


It is in the First house that as children we begin to explore and experience our immediate outer world.


Virgo in the First House signifies an individual with a strong focus on self-improvement and attention to detail. They project an image of practicality, efficiency, and a desire for perfection in their personality and appearance.

Frida Kahlo

• First House Virgo

Frida Kahlo’s 1st House Virgo influenced her identity and self-expression. It contributed to her meticulous attention to detail in her art and appearance. 

This placement likely intensified Frida’s artistic and transformative persona.


2nd House Virgo


The 2nd House wants you to have all the resources, both inner and outer, to live your life securely. More specifically the 2nd House is related to personal finances, material possessions, and the concept of value and worth.


Virgo in the 2nd House highlights a strong inclination toward financial and material stability.


These individuals are meticulous in managing their resources, seeking practical ways to increase wealth and security. They value precision in financial matters.

Tina Knowles


• Virgo 2nd House 

• Pallas Athene at 9° 53’ 


Tina Knowles, a prominent fashion designer and businesswoman, is renowned for her work in the fashion industry.


Tina is also the mother of music icons Beyoncé and Solange Knowles. 


3rd House Virgo


Virgo in the 3rd House of the natal chart emphasises a communicative and detail-oriented nature. These individuals excel in articulate expression, analytical thinking, and learning, often focusing on practical knowledge and problem-solving skills in their immediate environment.

Joni Mitchell

3rd House Virgo

• 3rd House Chiron at 13°13’ Virgo

• The IC at 22° 23’ Virgo

Venus at 28° 29′ Virgo

Joni Mitchell, an iconic singer-songwriter and painter, is celebrated for her poetic lyrics and innovative music. 

Joni’s influential work spans decades, leaving an indelible mark on the folk and rock music genres.


4th House Virgo


The 4th House sits at the base of the chart and symbolises home, family, history and ancestors.


Virgo in the 4th house signifies a strong connection between family and a meticulous, nurturing environment. These individuals prioritise order and efficiency at home, seeking to create a harmonious and organised domestic space. They may find comfort in caregiving roles.

Hannah Arendt

4th House Virgo

• IC at 4° 03′ Virgo

• Moon at 9° 35′ Virgo 

• Mars at 20° 23’ Virgo

Hannah Arendt, a celebrated philosopher of German-American heritage, political theorist, and prolific author, is a leading intellectual voice of the 20th century.

Hannah’s work delves into topics like totalitarianism, democracy, societal issues, revolutions, political representation, and the human psyche.


5th House Virgo


The Fifth House represents going out into the world embodying your authentic essence.


Virgo in the 5th House of the enhances creativity through brilliant precision. These individuals express themselves artistically with meticulous attention to detail. They may enjoy hobbies that require craftsmanship and value intellect in romantic pursuits.

Serena Williams


• 5th House Virgo

• Pallas Athene at 5° 52′ Virgo

• Moon at 20° 23′ Virgo

• Ceres at 27° 49′ Virgo


Serena Williams’ Virgo in the 5th house blends her competitive spirit with meticulous attention to her craft.


Her athletic prowess is marked by precision and a relentless drive for excellence, making her a dominant force in the world of tennis.


Donatella Versace 

• Virgo 5th House 

• Moon at 17° 11′ Virgo

Donatella Versace, with Virgo in the 5th house, channels meticulous creativity into her fashion empire. 

The Versace label is renowned for its precision, reflecting Donatella’s desire for perfection and detail-oriented artistic expression.

6th House Virgo


The 6th House is concerned with health, wellness, and daily routines, including the work you do daily. The 6th House is very much occupied with the habits and discipline we develop over time.


Virgo in the 6th house accentuates a strong work ethic and service-oriented nature. These individuals thrive in routine, focusing on meticulous attention to health, job responsibilities, and daily tasks. They excel in problem-solving and often seek self-improvement.

Miuccia Prada

Virgo 6th House 


Miuccia Prada’s Virgo in the 6th house drives her to excel in fashion through meticulous work. 

Miuccia is known for her innovative designs, showcasing her dedication to detail and practicality in her clothing collections.

7th House Virgo


The 7th House takes you above the horizon for the first time. You now turn your attention to others and the importance and value of connections in all areas of your life.


Relating, justice, balance and fairness are important here.


Virgo in the 7th house emphasizes practicality and precision in partnerships. Individuals with this placement seek balanced, harmonious relationships based on shared goals and attention to detail. They value intellect, communication, and mutual support in their partnerships.

Simone Biles


• Virgo 7th House 

• Descendant at 4°17′ Virgo


Simone Biles’ Virgo in the 7th house reflects her dedication to precision in partnerships. 


Simone’s collaborative spirit and attention to detail extend to her relationships, emphasising intellectual and supportive connections, contributing to her success in gymnastics and beyond.


8th House Virgo


The 8th House is where we explore life’s big questions of life, death, sex, transformation and regeneration.


Virgo in the 8th house intensifies a desire for deep understanding and transformation. These individuals approach shared resources, intimacy, and the mysteries of life with analytical depth. They seek control through knowledge and may excel in research or healing professions.


Marie Curie


• 8th House Virgo

• North Node at 12° 22’ Virgo


Marie Curie, a pioneering physicist and chemist, made groundbreaking discoveries in radioactivity, earning her two Nobel Prizes. 


Marie Curie’s remarkable contributions advanced science and led to significant developments in medicine and industry.

9th House Virgo


The 9th House is associated with long-distance journeys (of the real and imagined kind), philosophy, and higher education. It wants to explore big ideas.


Virgo in the 9th house signifies a pursuit of practical wisdom and intellectual growth. These individuals seek knowledge through meticulous exploration of diverse cultures and philosophies, emphasising precision in their higher learning and spiritual pursuits.

Olivia Rodrigo

• Virgo 9th House ♌

• Fortuna at 15° 20’ Virgo


Olivia Rodrigo, with Virgo in the 9th house, channels her artistic talent with a meticulous approach.


Olivia’s music reflects precision, blending emotional depth with intellectual exploration, making her a rising star known for her detailed storytelling.


Mid-Heaven in Virgo


The Mid-Heaven is the highest point of your chart. The highest point, the Midheaven, is often embedded in your 10th House and signifies the height of your success.


The peak, so to speak.


Virgo at the Midheaven signifies a career focused on precision, service, and practicality. These individuals excel in analytical professions, meticulous attention to detail, and public service. Their reputation is built on their work ethic and problem-solving abilities.



• Mid-Heaven 25° 26’ Virgo

Björk’s Midheaven in Virgo defines her career through meticulous artistry. 

Björk is renowned for her unique and disciplined approach to music and performance, reflecting her Virgoan traits of precision and perfectionism in her influential body of work.

10th House Virgo


The 10th House is located at the very top of the chart and is the high point of your unique story.


The 10th House also governs public image, professional aspirations, and career achievements.


Virgo in the 10th house highlights a strong drive for success through disciplined work and attention to detail. These individuals seek to excel in their careers, often choosing roles that involve organisation, analysis, and practicality. Their reputation is built on competence and efficiency.


Georgia O’Keeffe



• MC at 0° 29′ Virgo

• Mars @18° 39′ Virgo



Georgia O’Keeffe, with Virgo in the 10th house, expressed her artistic brilliance through disciplined precision. 


Georgia O’Keeffe’s iconic works reflect meticulous attention to detail and a unique approach, cementing her legacy as a pioneering artist.

Martha Stewart 


10th House Virgo

• Venus at 9° 09’ Virgo

• Juno at 20° 27′ Virgo

• Vesta at 23° 03′ Virgo


Martha Stewart, with Virgo in the 10th house, built her career on meticulous attention to detail and practicality. Her reputation for home and lifestyle expertise reflects her Virgoan traits of precision, making her an influential figure in homemaking and entrepreneurship.

Lana Del Ray


• Virgo 10th House


11th House Virgo


The 11th House is concerned with purpose and is linked to humanitarian pursuits, as well as distant networks.


Technology and innovation exist within this house as a way to explore what lies beyond.


Virgo in the 11th house indicates a practical and analytical approach to friendships and group involvement. Individuals with this placement value networks that support their goals and appreciate intellectual, detail-oriented connections within their social circles.


Jeanne Lanvin 

• 11th House Virgo

• Juno at 21°39′ Virgo

• North Node at 27°08 Virgo


Jeanne Lanvin, a visionary French fashion designer, founded the iconic Lanvin fashion house in 1889. Her elegant creations epitomised timeless sophistication, gaining her acclaim as a pioneer in modern couture.


Jeanne’s legacy endures, with Lanvin remaining a symbol of haute couture and refined luxury.

12th House Virgo


The 12th House represents a refuge from the physical and material worlds. This is the house of spiritual contemplation, prayerful reflection and creative healing.


The 12th House has the capacity to imagine and vision what is unseen and bring it out into the world. The 12th house is associated with Christ’s Consciousness. 


Virgo in the 12th house suggests a deep need for introspection and self-improvement. Individuals with this placement may have a hidden desire for perfection and a penchant for meticulous spiritual or psychological exploration, often seeking healing and self-discovery in solitude.

Dolly Parton


• 12th House Virgo

• Moon at 0°58′ Virgo

• Ascendant at 14°43′ Virgo


Dolly Parton’s Virgo in the 12th house hints at her hidden depth and meticulous creativity. Her artistic expressions often carry a profound spiritual or emotional resonance, rooted in her meticulous attention to detail and her journey towards self-discovery and healing.


North Node in Virgo


The North Node and South Node of the Moon form the Nodal Axis, which are points directly opposite in celestial space.



The Nodes are mathematical points, not physical objects, defining the relationship between the locations of the Sun, Moon, and Earth.


The symbol, called the “dragon’s head” consists of a horseshoe shape, a curved U shape culminating in two small, unfilled circles.


The North Node points to the kinds of experiences that we must work to develop in order to work with our karmic lineage and to live our most LUMINOUS life and purpose.


The North Node in Virgo signifies a karmic path focused on self-improvement and service. It encourages individuals to embrace precision, practicality, and attention to detail in their life journey, emphasising personal growth through helping others and refining their skills.


Eva Allendé


• Mars at 0°51′ Virgo 

• North Node at 4° 29’ Virgo


Isabel Allende’s North Node in Virgo signifies her karmic path towards practicality and service. It propels her to explore precise storytelling and grounded wisdom, allowing her to make a profound impact through her literature and advocacy for humanitarian causes.



• 1st House Virgo

• Ascendant at 0°47′ Virgo ♌

• Lilith at 12°45′ Virgo

• North Node at 21°42′ Virgo


Malala’s North Node in Virgo indicates a karmic journey focused on education and service. It drives her to promote precision, practicality, and nurturing qualities in her advocacy for girls’ education, aligning with her destiny of making a transformative impact.


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