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A fixed fire sign, Leo is ready to create with enthusiasm, passion and purpose.


Leo’s gifts are igniting a spark of an idea into a creative project. You see potential and embody it with the creative potential to bring it to life.


You are your muse.

Leo as Creative Muse


Sun in Leo as a creative muse reminds us that creativity is a powerful force, meant to be celebrated and shared with the world.


In Leo, the radiant Sun craves attention, a stage, and an audience to shine its brightest, and to feel the LOVE.


Meet creatives, artists and leaders who embrace their Sun in Leo inner radiance and bask in the limelight of their artistic pursuits.

Luminous Leo Muse: Warsan Shire


Leo Sun at 9° 19′ Leo ♌️


Warsan Shire, the gifted poet and writer, epitomises the fusion of creativity and Leo’s vibrant energy.


With her Leo Sun at 9° 19′ Leo, Warsan radiates a magnetic presence that draws people into the world she creates through her evocative poetry.


Her words possess a fiery intensity and raw honesty, capturing the essence of human experiences with an unflinching gaze

Luminous Leo Muse: Dua Lipa


Leo Sun at 28° 53′ ♌️


Dua Lipa, the talented English and Albanian singer and songwriter, shines brightly with her 28° 53′ Leo Sun placed in the 10th house of her birth chart.


The 10th house represents career and public image. With Dua’s Leo Sun positioned here, she exudes a charismatic and luminous energy that commands attention and the stage.

Luminous Leo Muse: Tori Amos 


Leo Sun at 28° 55′ ♌️


Tori Amos, the enigmatic American singer-songwriter and pianist, possesses an innate and powerful creativity that is beautifully reflected in her 9th house Leo placement.


The 9th house in astrology represents higher education, philosophy, and exploration of the world’s vast tapestry.

Luminous Leo Muse: Madonna, Queen of Creative Reinvention


Leo Sun at 23° 07′ ♌️ in the 12th House


Madonna, the iconic pop superstar, embodies the dynamic combination of creativity, Leo’s fiery energy, and the ethereal realm of the 12th house.


With her Leo Sun at 23° 07′ Leo in the 12th house of her birth chart, Madonna channels her artistic luminous Leo energy and capacity for reinvention in this house. 


This 12th house placement allows Madonna to tap into her innermost creative reservoirs, infusing her music, performances, and persona with an undeniable sense of charisma and grandeur

Luminous Leo Muse: Greta Gerwig


Leo Sun at 11° 50′ ♌️


Greta Gerwig, the multi-talented filmmaker and actress, embodies the vibrant creativity of her 11° 50′ Leo Sun sign.


Greta exudes luminous energy that radiates through her work and artistic pursuits. 


Her Leo Sun grants her the confidence and charisma to captivate audiences with her performances, while her visionary approach to filmmaking showcases her unique creative voice.


Greta’s ability to infuse her work with authenticity, passion, and a touch of dramatic flair is a testament to the influence of her Leo Sun.

Luminous Leo Muse: Kate Bush


Leo Sun 6° 46′ Leo ♌️


Kate Bush, the legendary singer-songwriter and performer, embodies the essence of creativity with her Sun in Leo.


Known for her innovative music and dramatic approach, Kate Bush’s Leo Sun infuses her artistry with radiant brilliance.


Kate’s creative genius shines through her powerful vocals, poetic lyrics, and captivating stage presence. With Sun in Leo as muse, Kate fearlessly embraces her individuality, and her music reflects a bold and unapologetic expression of self.

Luminous Leo Muse: Rina Sawayama


Leo Sun at 23° 00 Leo ♌️


Rina Sawayama is a singer-songwriter hailing from Niigata-shi, Japan.


Rina embodies boundless creativity and luminous energy that infuses a distinctive blend of pop, R&B, and rock, coupled with thought-provoking lyrics showcasing her bold and innovative approach to creativity.


Rina’s creative vision transcends boundaries, pushing the envelope of genre and style, while her Sun in Leo energy ignites her performances with a fiery passion. 

Luminous Leo Muse: Jacinda Ardern


Leo Sun at 3° 09′ ♌️


Jacinda Ardern is the visionary leader and ex-Prime Minister of New Zealand.


With her Leo Sun at 3° 09’ Leo, Jacinda Ardern brings luminous energy to her leadership style and decision-making process. Known for her compassionate and inclusive approach, she fearlessly embraces her individuality and channels her creativity into innovative solutions. 


Jacinda’s Leo Sun empowers her to shine on the global stage, capturing the attention and respect of people around the world.

Whitney Houston


Leo Sun at 16° 41′ ♌️


Whitney Houston, the legendary singer and actress, bestowed luminous energy and magnetic charisma upon the world that captivated audiences worldwide.


Whitney’s performances exuded a sense of regality and confidence, embodying the essence of the lion’s roar. Her Leo Sun infused her music with passion, drama, and an unrivalled vocal prowess that elevated her to iconic status in the music industry.


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