Enigmatic Scorpio Sun as Creative Muse

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Meet Sun in Scorpio Muses


Each of these Scorpio Sun muses brings a unique and compelling energy to the realms they have influenced, be it art, science, feminism, or music. It’s fascinating to explore their astrological placements and the influence of their Scorpio Sun on their work and lives.

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Meet the Season Creative Muses


Scorpio season serves as a reminder that the sign will exhibit multiple expressions, shaped by the individual’s cosmic backdrop.

Hilma af Klint


Hilma af Klint, a visionary artist, tapped into the mystical and esoteric, creating art that was far ahead of her time. Her connection to the unknown and her pioneering spirit reflect the depth and intensity often associated with Scorpio.


– Birthdate 26th October

– Unknown Birth time 

– Sun at 2° 47′ 

– Mercury at 5° 08′ 

– Fortuna at 10° 09′ 

– Pallas Athena at 15° 54′
– Ceres at 24° 06′ 


Nawal El Saadawi


Born 27th October, Nawal El Saadawi’s fierce dedication to feminist causes and her willingness to address taboo topics such as female genital mutilation align with the Scorpio energy of transformation and speaking truth to power.


– Sun at 2° 41′ in 2nd House

– Pallas Athene

– Mercury at 8°08′ 

– Venus at 15° 31′ 

– Ceres at 20° 57′ 

– Fortuna at 26° 34′ 

– Mars at 27° 31′ 

Anna Wintour


Anna Wintour’s enigmatic leadership in the fashion industry reflects the determination and depth of Scorpio, navigating the complex and often hidden aspects of the world of fashion.


– Birthdate 3rd November

– Birth time unknown

– Sun at 10° 44′ 




Lorde’s creative depth and the emotive power of her music resonate with Scorpio’s passionate and transformative qualities. Her ability to delve into darker themes while maintaining an aura of mystery mirrors the Scorpio traits.


– Birthday 7th November

– Sun at 14° 43′ Scorpio in 11th House

– Mercury at 17° 42′ Scorpio


Georgia O’Keeffe


Georgia O’Keeffe’s intense and independent artistic vision, coupled with her ability to create a singular body of work, embodies the Scorpio spirit of depth, creativity, and the transformative power of art.


– Birthdate 15th November

– Jupiter at 17° 48′ 

– Ascendant at 18° 06′ 

– Sun at 22° 51′ in 1st House

– Moon at 22° 25′ 

– Mercury at 28° 10′ Scorpio


Joni Mitchell


Joni Mitchell’s introspective and emotionally rich songwriting reflects Scorpio’s depth of feeling and the ability to capture the human experience in all its rawness.


– Birthdate is 7th November

– Scorpio rules the 5th House

– Mercury at 13° 27′

– Sun at 14° 52′ in 5th House

Marie Curie


Marie Curie’s relentless pursuit of scientific truth and her groundbreaking discoveries align with Scorpio’s investigative nature and its inclination toward uncovering hidden truths.


– Birthdate 7th November

– Juno at 0° 29′

– Sun at 14° 35′ in 9th House

– Mid-Heaven at 18° 37′

– Saturn at 25° 16′ 

– Venus at 25° 34′

– Mars at 29° 37




Björk’s avant-garde and experimental music, along with her unconventional approach to art and life, resonates with Scorpio’s transformative and boundary-pushing energy.


– Birthdate is 21st November

– Moon at 7°02′ 

– Ascendant at 18° 19′ 

– Fortuna at 19°06′ 

– Neptune at 20° 04′ 

– Sun at 28° 51′ , Sun in 1st House


Which Scorpio Sun muse do you resonate with?


Each of these Scorpio Sun muses offers a different facet of the Scorpio energy—intensity, depth, transformation, and a quest for truth and innovation.


Your resonance with any of these muses might relate to how their individual expressions of Scorpio energy align with your own experiences, creative inclinations, or the aspects of life that resonate most deeply with you.


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