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Sagittarius as Muse to Finding Your Way in the World

As the Sun transitions from Scorpio’s intense depths into the expansive and optimistic realm of Sagittarius, a season of exploration and discovery begins.


Sagittarius season invites you to venture into the frontiers of the mind, embracing bold ideas and lived experiences.


This period is not about timidity but about living colourfully, loudly, and inspiringly.


By pursuing your truth you empower others to find the courage and faith to do the same.

Sagittarius is Latin for Archer


The Ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter


Jupiter, the Roman god of the sky and thunder, parallels the Greek deity Zeus.


As the benevolent ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter symbolises expansion, abundance, and good fortune. It encourages journeys of both the mind and spirit, bestowing blessings upon the adventurous and seekers of truth.

Sagittarius Energy and Themes











Big ideas

Big mind

Sagittarius and Gemini


Sagittarius is directly opposite Gemini on the astrology axis.


When the Sun is in Sagittarius, the Full Moon occurs in Gemini, creating a dynamic interplay between expansive thinking and detailed communication.

Watch Out For:


While Sagittarius season encourages boldness, be mindful of a few potential pitfalls:


– Guard against taking ungrounded risks.

– Avoid overly optimistic tendencies that lead to excess, such as overspending and overeating.

– Remember, Capricorn and Saturn’s grounding influence awaits you on December 23rd.

Actions for Sagittarius Season


♐️ Embrace Boldness: Take calculated risks that align with your authentic self.

♐️ Cultivate Freedom: Break free from self-imposed limitations and embrace your true self.

♐️ Explore New Philosophies: Step out of your comfort zone to discover new aspects of yourself and your world through intellectual exploration.

♐️ Engage in Cross-Cultural Conversations: Connect with people from diverse backgrounds to learn about their unique philosophies and worldviews.

♐️ Write Your Philosophical Manifesto: Articulate your evolving beliefs and craft a personal manifesto that reflects your core values and philosophies.

Your Sagittarius Season Affirmations


🏹 I am bold, and in my boldness, I find truth.

🏹 I liberate myself from all that holds me captive from my essential freedom.

🏹 Every challenge is an opportunity; I welcome the unknown with open arms and an open mind.

🏹 My truth is a guiding light, inspiring others to walk their authentic path.

🏹 I balance expansion with wisdom, grounding my actions in reality.

A Sagittarius Ode to The Archer

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