And I Will Rise Up

Last week on November 8 2016, the American electoral system elected Donald Trump to be President of the United States. 

Here in Australia, it was Wednesday November 9th but the nightmare was far from over. We still had to live through the unfolding triumph or tragedy depending which side of the political fence you lean into.

Tragedy triumphed 

Somehow, for his lies, flaws and transgressions as well as lack of political experience, Donald Trump was elected president. I was heartbroken – I felt for Hillary Clinton but also for the America I know and love.

It wasn’t hard to think that if a woman had a history of behaving like Donald Trump, she would not have been in the race. The injustice of the outcome left me melancholy for days as in the final wash up, Hillary’s character mattered but Trump’s didn’t.

After the 2008 election of Barack Obama, I was optimistic that America had entered a new era of equality and inclusiveness. With a Moon/Pallas Athene conjunction (Moon 26°Aquarius/Pallas Athene 26°) in its natal chart, I was confident that America was transformed. Tweet This

It just so happened that in the September of 2009, I found myself in Washington DC on September 12, more or less 8 months after Obama’s inauguration. Seven years later I still recall walking into the hotel’s dining room for breakfast that Saturday morning and being taken aback by the room being full and busy. I asked the waitstaff what was happening – to which they replied that the Tea Party was having its first national rally.

After breakfast I walked out to the streets of DC and followed the crowds. Barely eight months into his administration I was surprised at the energy and animosity directed towards President Obama. I stayed with the crowd for most of the day and was able to speak directly with the protestors as well as overhearing conversations. Most of the people I spoke to were very kind, generous and forthcoming with their life experiences. This was the first time I heard the phrase ‘take our country back’, but not the last over the next seven years.

So truth be told, when last week’s results started to come through, I wasn’t completely surprised. I’d had a first hand encounter with the anxiety, alienation and fear that a lot of Americans had about change in not only their lives but for their country.

But I was disappointed. R/evolution is a messy business, change can be uncertain and resistance to shaking up the status quo is real.

But still I rise up.

I invite you to rise up with me. Each of us in our own way and on our own paths can rise up:

  • To embody Pallas Athene
  • To honour your inner activist
  • To fight for inclusivity
  • To make change happen
  • To embody Lilith
  • To refuse to settle for the status quo
  • To refuse to stay silent and obedient
  • To recognise that power isn’t a zero sum game
  • To embody Vesta
  • To commit to working to a greater goal
  • To embody Ceres
  • To care for, and nourish, the planet
  • To embody Amazonia
  • To be strong and brave
  • To find your tribe of female warriors
  • To fight fearlessly
  • To engage with difference

The future is GlobalWoman

It’s time to get real and be real. What the world needs now is women mobilising, organising and uprising to take our place as authentic leaders. Now more than ever the world needs female leaders to shape families, workplaces, businesses, communities, society and politics. Tweet This

But there will be pushback. You’ll be told directly or indirectly, you can have access to power, but not full power. You’ll be told that women are meant to behave in certain ways, with certain feminine traits and a style of feminine leadership. Like Hillary Clinton, you’ll encounter double standards as to your character and integrity. Most likely you’ll be called names and at times, feel helpless.

But none of that is going to stop this GlobalWoman. It’s time to stand up for, and speak out against, where we see injustice, misogyny, bullying, inequality, marginalisation and discrimination. More than ever, it’s time to call on those superpowers and rise up.

The revolution is on.

Kathryn x

  • Laurelle

    November 23, 2016 at 11:59 am Reply

    A powerful post. Couldn’t agree more it’s time to show up and rise up.

    • Yamini

      November 23, 2016 at 1:59 pm Reply

      Thank you Laurelle x Let’s do this x

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