Gemini Season, Luminous Self-Expression

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Finding Your Way in Gemini Season

When the Sun transits Gemini, it encourages self-expression and discovery. This season, leverage Gemini’s communicative and versatile nature to explore new paths.


Whether it’s through writing, speaking, or social interactions, let Gemini guide you in finding your way in the world.


Embrace the duality of Gemini by balancing your need for variety with focused intent, ensuring that your explorations lead to meaningful growth.


Gemini season is a time to embrace your curiosity and fearlessly express your authentic self.


Dive into conversations, seek new knowledge, and let your voice be heard.


The world is your playground, and Gemini invites you to play with ideas, explore different perspectives, and express your unique brilliance.

Gemini, the third sign of the zodiac, is rooted in the constellation of Gemini. The Sun moves through this sign from May 21 to June 21 under the tropical zodiac.


Gemini’s mission revolves around its immediate environment, exploring all directions and earning its reputation for duality.


Wherever Gemini ♊ appears in your chart, expect to:


• Explore

• Be curious

• Seek expression

• Inquire

Be talkative


Ruler of Gemini – Mercury


– Mercury Themes:


Mercurial, communication, versatile, brainstorming, quick-witted, charming, social, inventive, self-expression, flexible


– Element: Air

– Symbol: Twins

– Glyph: ♊️


Time to be fearless, darling.


Following the steadfastness of Taurus, Gemini brings quick thinking for rapid action.


As we approach mid-year, be mindful of Gemini’s boundless potential for distraction.


Ideas will flourish, and you may feel tempted to pursue them all.


Resist this urge.


Instead, harness Gemini’s mental agility to bring your grand ideas to life.


Reflect on your plans for this calendar year; where do you need to invest your energy and input?


During Gemini’s transit, explore your voice.


What do you want to say?


If self-doubt has held you back, now is the time to be fearless.


Use your voice. Step out into the world, darling; speak, teach, write, brag, self-promote, explore, and shine.


Take up space. And then take up more space. Be bold.


Gemini’s strengths lie in agile thinking and swift corrections. Its weaknesses include shallowness, fickleness, and distraction.


To navigate the peak of Gemini season, explore, the Advaita Vedanta self-inquiry meditations, regarded as the classic path to realisation.

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