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GlobalWoman Insider – Yamini

Your pronouns?

My pronouns are: She/her/woman but never lady

Your location?

I live and work on the land of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, the traditional owners of the land upon which Sydney is located.

I believe…

…justice, equality and the power of co-creation in creating a world where people of all genders are free to find a life that is theirs. /span>

I want myself to…

…show up in the world fully embodied in my full beingness.

I want you to…

…live freely, fully, powerfully as you want to be beyond any and all culturally assigned roles.

The vision I hold for myself is…

…to create a life where I can work, live, and love from anywhere. I create respect for myself through exercise, meditation, writing, creativity, healthy eating, sex, laughter, and equanimity.

I’m a minimalist, an atheist, a liberal progressive, vegetarian, who focuses on simplicity, nature, and connection.

“For 10 years, I’ve supported small business owners in building and designing their brands and websites so that they could do what they love and keep the process simple and fun.

Minimalist Brand Design means I take the approach of getting rid of what is not essential so we can focus on what is. 

Your mojo may be hiding underneath ideas of what you think you” should” be doing, and I’ll get you to the heart of who you work with, why you work with them, and make it clear what you’re offering through your branding and design.”

The vision I hold for you is…

…to know that I’m here to support you in building your brand and website the way YOU want to, helping you to get clear on who you work with, why you do what you do, and then building your online presence from there.

I have a minimalist approach to brand design, to keep things clear, simple, and to cut out the noise that’s standing in the way of you being uniquely YOU.

It all began when…

…I had a 9-to-5 job that I was deeply dissatisfied with as an HR manager. I wanted to be supportive and make a difference, but I didn’t feel like I could align with the values of the company. Learning that was important to me, I set out to design a lifestyle that I wanted, which would include me being able to work with people intimately one-on-one, from anywhere in the world, with the freedom and flexibility to be my own boss, and to truly make a difference for people.

I took all the skills I had at the time 10 years ago, and now, here I am, as a brand designer, working full-time with my clients. It didn’t happen overnight, and I’m building new online DIY courses, but I truly love working one-on-one alongside my clients to give them the confidence and the knowledge to put themselves out there in the world and make a difference for others.

What I want from the World is…

… for us to admit that we are stronger together. I imagine a world where differences of opinion could be differences of opinion without the need for war. 

Where we could act globally in the case of a pandemic like we’re in now, rather than “who handled it best.” That we could learn to embrace differences, rather than fear them, and to unite as a global collective to make sure no one goes without, and the wealth is spread evenly so everyone knows that they can do whatever they choose in life.

We are creative by nature, and if we all had access to the same resources, I believe we could truly do anything we set our minds to.

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