I’m an entrepreneur, educator, astrologer + GlobalWoman®

One of my favourite things in life is seeing women get energised about stepping into their power, finding a life that is theirs and living revolutionary lives.

Taking that first step is really powerful. But doing it on your own is slow, not to mention lonely – I’ll fast-track the process and keep you company. As founder of Your Online Business Agency, my fingers are firmly also on the pulse of all things digital, technical and social.  

I’m all about creating connections, strategising and organising. Honestly, I live for this stuff. Creativity and collaboration is at the heart of everything I do.

The bottom line? I’ve got your back.

A few things I love…

  • supporting women to find lives that are uniquely theirs
  • seeing connections get made
  • mapping out a strategy and seeing it all come together
  • seeing women show up in their unique powers
  • creativity + collaboration
  • women who are ready to move upward, outward and global

Here’s how we can work together…

  • My business, Your Online Business Agency provides technical support with online automation, social media strategy, email marketing, website builds and more. 

GlobalWoman Goddess SuperPower Session

The Goddess SuperPower session is an astrology reading + coaching session, with a sprinkling of stardust and lunar magic to activate your GlobalWoman Goddess SuperPowers.

GlobalWoman Entrepreneur® Meeting

The GlobalWoman Entrepreneur one off meeting is ideal if you are paralysed by lack of clarity or momentum, unable to move forward or take action to move upward, outward and global.

GlobalWoman Entrepreneur® Program

A three to six month intensive program engagement, combining coaching and consulting for the GlobalWoman Entrepreneur who is ready to move upward, outward and global.

Are you ready to explore, evolve and embody your Goddess SuperPowers in 2018?

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