Imagine building a world that is bigger rather than smaller?


Join the GlobalWoman Waitlist for Cycle 2 of 2021, centred around the New Moon @23° 16′ Aquarius

Registration opens February 1st

GlobalWoman is an online world centred around lunar cycles for socially aware creatives + entrepreneurs for networking, learning and collaborating.

The Aquarian New Moon of 2021 speaks to Rebel Woman. Sky Woman. Brilliant Woman.

Inside GlobalWoman we navigate linear time illuminated by themes of each lunar cycle; universal themes of organisation, revolution, creativity, wise action, embodiment, self-expression, ancestors, leadership, service, relating, power and vision.

Not only will you connect with the community of woman within you, but you will also connect with the global GlobalWoman community.

Enter your details below to join the waitlist to register for Cycle 2 of 2021 for $29USD per month or $319USD per year.


12 Lunar Cycles. One GlobalWoman Year.

The Moon has always been an evocative, mysterious source of inspiration for earthlings. We witness her cycle, emerging from darkness to full illumination and then her waning light in the night sky until she re-emerges in a different place.

The New Moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle, reappearing in a different sign and degree. What does this mean? 

More specifically, what does the sign and degree of the New Moon mean for you?

In 2021, you are going to find out.

With the Lunar Cycle as a guide, we flow from the past into the present to imagine the future.

Each month registration opens 7 days before the New Moon.

Register your interest in joining our world for Cycle 2 of 2021.