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The Sun as Muse and Odyssey


Within every Sun Sign lies a distinctive creative expression; an odyssey of exploring universal themes that transcend borders and cultures.

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Meet Sun in Virgo Season Creative Muses


Much like the all-encompassing essence of the GlobalWoman spirit, the Sun in Virgo radiates an inspiration that transcends the boundaries of generations and cultures. 


Centred in the essence of creative refinement and dedicated service, meet these Sun in Virgo trailblazers from the past and visionaries of the present.

Elizabeth 1


September 7th 1533 – Sun @24°04′ Virgo


Elizabeth I, a luminous Virgo Sun, reigned with intellect and flair, shaping England’s Golden Age.


Harnessing the brilliance of the Sun in Virgo, Elizabeth’s journey navigated diplomacy and artistry.


Her odyssey through history illuminates enduring leadership, epitomising the Virgo spirit’s fusion of wisdom and service.


Elsa Schiaparelli

September 10th 1890 – Sun @17°39′ Virgo


Elsa Schiaparelli embodies the Virgoan muse with precision and flair. Her keen eye for detail, coupled with her absurdist spirit, crafted a couture legacy that transformed fashion into art.


Guided by the Sun’s Virgo energy, Schiaparelli’s designs remain a testament to the fusion of detail and creative expression.

Mary Oliver


September 10th 1935 – Sun @17° 03′ Virgo


Mary Oliver’s Virgo Sun ignites her as a muse on a poetic odyssey.


With reverence for life’s minutiae, she crafts verses that unravel nature’s mysteries. Guided by her Sun’s essence, Oliver’s words evoke soulful connection and contemplation.




September 4th 1981 – Sun @12°00′ Virgo


Beyoncé, a Virgo Sun, embarks on a dynamic artistic odyssey as a muse. With meticulous precision, she weaves her talents into cultural fabric.


Her odyssey through music and performance mirrors the Virgo spirit, inspiring excellence and elevating artistry to luminous heights.

Florence Welch


August 28th 1986 – Sun @4°51′ Virgo


Florence Welch, an enigmatic Virgo Sun, embarks on an ethereal odyssey as a creative muse.


Guided by the pure essence of her Sun in Virgo, Florence conjures soul-stirring melodies and poetic lyrics that traverse emotional landscapes. 




September 1st 1996 – Sun @9°51′ Virgo


Zendaya, a Virgo Sun, embodies her craft with multifaceted brilliance, crafting roles that redefine representation.


Her creative odyssey empowers, uplifts and connects audiences with a Sun in Virgo precision. 



September 8th – Sun @15° 32′ Virgo


Pink, a Virgo Sun, embarks on a fearless odyssey as a creative muse. Pink transcends genres, weaving raw emotion into anthems.


With luminous precision, Pink’s journey champions authenticity, inspiring resilience and self-expression


adrienne marie brown


September 6th – Sun @°13° Virgo


Adrienne Marie Brown, a luminous Virgo Sun intertwines social justice and artistry, crafting works that reshape perspectives.


With luminous precision, Brown’s journey navigates intersections, inspiring collective change. Her odyssey through words and activism embodies the Virgo spirit, illuminating paths of progress.

Mary Shelley


August 30th 1797 – Sun @7°58′ Virgo


Mary Shelley, a luminous Virgo Sun, birthed Frankenstein’s legacy, intertwining science and humanity.


With Virgo precision, Shelley’s journey explores the bounds of innovation and morality. Her odyssey through literature illuminates the human condition, epitomising the Virgo spirit’s quest for knowledge and insight.


Which Sun in Virgo muse inspires you?


We’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below as to which of the Sun in Virgo creative muses inspires you.


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