Virgo Full Moon = Your Priestess Practice

This coming weekend the Moon reaches full illumination in Virgo at 8° 57.’♍️


This lunar cycle began its journey on February 11th with the appearance of the New Moon in the air sign of Aquarius at 23° 16.

?  ♒️


Freedom-Seeking Aquarius to Earthbound Virgo. ⚡️ ?


♒️  Aquarius is your Genius. 


♍️  Virgo is the Priestess. 


Ah….the priestess. More about her soon. ⬇️


Your brilliance is found in both Aquarius and Virgo. Yes, your brilliance.


Aquarian’s genius is to imagine futures yet to be discovered; to think and see beyond structures that already exist. ♒️


What future are you envisioning? 


Virgo’s brilliance is that it is inherently practical with an exacting focussed mind that discerns and understands systems. ♍️ 




The Priestess symbolises the law of inherent wisdom. Priestess comes from the Greek word ‘presbuteros’, which means ‘elder one who is knowing and wise.’


She has the inner stillness to see clearly. 


To harness the illumination of the upcoming Full-Moon is to realise you know what needs to be done to create the future you envision.


The information may not yet be in your conscious mind so your priestess practice is to contain yourself so that the it appears. 


Dreams and meditations bring to the surface the hidden, the subconscious, the past and the future. 




Be still and reflect. 


  • Observe what arises without criticism.
  • Take notes to take action.
  • Mark September 1st 2021 on your calendar.


On September 1st, the Sun will be at the exact degree that this weekend’s Virgo Full-Moon will be. 


8° 57′ ♍️


If you have questions about your priestess practice or to share it with me leave a comment below.


All my Virgo love,


Kathryn x

GlobalWoman Creator and Curator


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PSS: Beautiful image of The Black Queen (2010) by Tamara Natalie Madden

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