The Hustle is Real

Yes. It’s been a while.

This Sydney winter found me internal and hibernating, hence why you didn’t see a new blog for the past three and so months. As much as I wanted my energy to be out, the truth was ‘it’ was in. Well and truly in.

But now that Sprinter (Winter + Spring) has appeared in Sydney, blossoms and scent are all around. Already my roses are showing new shoots; tiny and tenacious, growing each day with the appearance of longer days, similar to my now outward focused energy.

Mars went retrograde on April 18th at 18°54 Sagittarius, direct on June 30 yet the full transit was only complete on August 22nd-23rd when Mars returned to 18°54 Sagittarius.

With Mars now expanding and soldiering forwards in Sagittarius and a new moon in Virgo appearing, it’s all chakras activated for this GlobalWoman.

This blog has its origins in April when I was already mapping out a business idea that pinged into my head earlier in the year. Between April and August, the days passed in a blur and a whirl of reading, writing, creating and working.

The new business idea, I’m proud to say, emerged from working one on one with my GlobalWoman clients. Whilst working and talking with each GlobalWoman I learned where they encountered the most challenges in running their businesses.

The stuff stuff.

You know, the fiddly techy time-consuming back-end stuff which is the engine of your business. Those tasks that need to be done, must be done yet take you forever to do. At which stage you’re either tearing your hair out, screaming at the computer or pouring yourself a glass of vino.

Let me clarify which tasks – the backend site tasks, the SEO stuff, the email marketing maze, the tasks involved in managing your online presence and growing your business. All on top of you actually doing the work of your business – the work that brings you joy, nourishes your soul and brings you the income so you can do more of the soul fulfilling work.

Something has to give and it’s usually the quality, and timeliness, of the backend tasks. Both of which impact on your business and its capacity to generate income. Let’s face it, to embody GlobalWoman, you have to know when to outsource.

Hence my inspired business idea.

Today, with a dash of pride and a super size large side of vulnerability, I share with you, Your Online Business Agency aka YOBA. I started Your Online Business Agency because I know that your business needs to show up in search, seen on social and get smart online. Initally YOBA’s focus will be on SEO, content creation, social media and automation implementation.

Back to that Mars transit.

The really challenging part of the Mars transit occurred when Mars retrograded back into Scorpio. Intense+++++. In a nutshell, Mars is about action, Scorpio is about transformation and when these energies combine into a retrograde transit, projects take longer than planned and the intensity ramps UP!

The past few months have been an inward time of discipline and focussed action for expansion to occur as Mars moves forward in Sagittarius. Hand on my heart + total transparency, at times I thought the Mars transit would never go direct, winter would never end and this website would never be finished.

Yet, they have.

One of the reasons this creative birth was soooo labour intensive is because I wrote all of the copy and built 80% of the website. Hence why I am so proud of YOBA – it really is a synthesis of all my skills and experience + what I love doing.

What drives most people bonkers turns me on.

I love solving problems for people in business and help them make more money so that they can serve more people. That’s my crack – at heart I’m a GlobalWoman geek.

Moving forward GlobalWoman, I’ll be sharing with you the highs, lows and lessons I learn along the way as I step out into the world and build Your Online Business Agency. I know that you know the vulnerability that comes from taking risks and putting yourself out into the world in a new way. I’m sourcing talented, quality peeps from all over the world to be part of team YOBA as I embody and embrace the GlobalWoman Entrepreneur.

After all, GlobalWoman is about the journey-makers and trailblazers of this world.

My Winter Reading List

When I wasn’t working on YOBA, I was reading the following books. Instead of watching TV or losing time online, I have an agreement with myself that I spend time each day reading books. It was such a treat to take time to read hard copy editions over Kindle.

  • Thinking Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman
  • Unspeakable Things: Sex, Lies and Revolution – Laurie Penny
  • The Confidence Game: The Psychology of the Con and Why We Fall for It Every Time – Maria Konnikova
  • The Age of Genius: The Seventeenth Century and Birth of The Modern Mind – A.C. Grayling
  • Headscarves and Hymens: Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution – Mona Eltahawy

Here’s to the GlobalWoman journey-makers and trailblazers, wherever you are. 

Yamini x

Are you ready to explore, evolve and embody your Goddess SuperPowers?

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