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Brilliant Priestess


Virgo Season Dates: August 24th-September 23rd

Ruler of Virgo – Traditional Astrology assigns Mercury as the ruler of Virgo. I assign the myth of Vesta as the co-ruler of Virgo.

Element – Earth

Symbol – Maiden 

Glyph – ♍️

Refined Virgo


From extroverted, extravagant Leo, the Sun now enters refined Virgo.


For the next 29 days, Virgo inspires you to serve, do impeccable work and prioritise the well-being of yourself, your loved ones and Mother Earth.

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The True Meaning of Virgo


Virgo derives from the word ‘virgin’, the real meaning is ‘whole unto oneself’.

Mercury as Ruler of Virgo


Mercury’s domain in Gemini is marked by curiosity and an outward exploration of ideas. 


Mercury’s rule over Virgo leads us on a different journey – one that delves deep into the intricate workings of the mind.


Virgo’s brilliant mind, yes it is BRILLIANT, is a tapestry woven with threads of analytical prowess and intellectual depth. 


Virgo seeks comprehensive comprehension that explores the minutiae and hidden patterns within the vast tapestry of knowledge.


Like a skilled archaeologist, Mercury-ruled Virgo unearths treasures of insight through careful and methodical exploration, demonstrating that true wisdom often lies in the details.

Vesta as Co-Ruler of Virgo


Priestess: a woman authorised to perform the sacred rites of a religion


As Goddess of the Hearth, the Romans worshipped Vesta as the keeper of the sacred and home fires. Vesta’s vocation was to keep Rome safe; her life was devoted to this. Vesta was duty-bound to keep herself pure and whole.


Vesta was associated with unmarried, chaste temple virgin priestesses, who through sacred sexual devotions brought the fertilising power of the moon into contact with the lives of human beings.


Vesta was a symbol of protection which ensured the cohesion of the state and family for people of the earth.


The Greek equivalent of Vesta is the goddess, Hestia.


With the emergence of patriarchal rule and a monotheistic god, Vesta’s powers were diminished, and her sacred role was made reduced to serving the hierarchy of the new religions.

Virgo Energy and Themes


Analytical, Detail-oriented, Practical, Precise, Organised. Service, Health-conscious, Efficiency, Self-improvement, Critical thinking, Perfectionism, Earthy, Problem-solving, Planning, Order, Humble, Adaptability, Routine, Methodical, Balance.

With Virgo, watch out for:


– Virgo’s innate perfectionism getting in the way of progress

– Sacrificing your desires for others or a cause

– With so much devotion to serving, watch out for martyrdom and solitariness

Actions for Virgo Season 2023


With Virgo’s innate sense of focus and detail, now is the time to revisit your life in 2023 and do a yearly audit.

A thorough, no-nonsense Virgo audit to see where in your life needs a revamp or what needs following up.

Also now is the time to schedule your medical check-ups.

Your Virgo Season Affirmations


♍️ During Virgo Season, I realise that I am not my thoughts, and my thought are not I.

♍️ During Virgo Season, I find joy in the details, appreciating the small things that make life joyous.

♍️ During Virgo Season, I honour my body and mind, nurturing them with healthy habits during Virgo season.

♍️ During Virgo season, I release perfectionism and embrace progress, understanding that every step forward is right.

♍️ During Virgo Season, I approach challenges with a practical mindset, using Virgo’s problem-solving energy to find solutions.


Find Your Way in the World in 2024

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