Exploring New Worlds | Sun in Sagittarius

On November 23rd, the Sun moves from Scorpio into the fire sign of Sagittarius until December 23rd.

  • Ruler of Sagittarius: Jupiter 
  • Themes: Adventurer, explorer, expansion, journeys, visionary, truth-seeker, philosopher, fearless
  • Element: Fire
  • Symbols: Horse, archer
  • Glyph – ♐

What a wild ride 2019 has been. In the homestretch of the year, take time to acknowledge the extraordinary journeys you’ve been on this year; both inner and outer journeys.


You recognise life’s abundance, good luck and opportunities that have graced you in 2019.


But the year’s not over yet.


Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, wants you to transcend every day by breaking rules, instituting freedom and seeking to explore unchartered horizons whenever possible.


Your GlobalWoman journey involves discovering all that is possible for you in this world.

Connect with the biggest, boldest vision of the life you have for yourself.

Fortuna rewards the brave, and with the Sun in Sagittarius now is the time to be brave to connect with the biggest, boldest version of life you have for yourself.

This is not the time to be timid; rather be colourful, large and loud. It is through collecting lived experiences and working out what is true for you, you inspire others to have the courage and faith to do the same.

Your Sagittarius manifestation asks how can your share your knowledge?

On a global level, Sagittarius is concerned with cultural, philosophical and metaphysical frameworks which make life meaningful.


Your GlobalWoman journey involves learning your truth/s and then sharing its manifestation.

Questions to Reflect On
  • How are you being brave and bold in your life and business right now?
  • How are you NOT being brave and bold in your life and business right now?
Watch out for:


  • Taking risks that are not grounded in reality
  • Excess, over-spending and over-eating (remember Capricorn and Saturn are waiting in the wings)

Lunar Phases Dates

    • 26th November – New Moon at 4° 3’ Sagittarius
    • 4th December – First Quarter Moon at 11° 49’ minutes Pisces
    • 12th December – Full Moon at 19° 52’ Gemini
    • 18th/19th December – Last Quarter Moon at 26° 58’ Virgo

New Moon at 4°3′ Sagittarius ~ Living Brave and Boldly

New Moon Personal Practice

I set New Moon intentions around the inner and journeys I wish to take.

I say yes to opportunities.

Global New Moon Times

  • London – 26th November, 3.06 pm
  • NYC – 26th November, 10:06am
  • Sydney – 27th November, 2:06am
  • Singapore – 26th November, 11:06pm
  • Lagos – 26th November, 4:06pm
  • Rome – 26th November, 4:06pm
  • Rio de Janeiro – 26th November, 1:06pm
  • Mumbai – 26th November, 8:36pm
  • Copenhagen – 26th November, 4:06pm
  • Beirut – 26th November, 5:06pm

First-Quarter Moon at 11°49′ Pisces ~ Outer Journey, Inner Vision

First-Quarter Moon Personal Practice

My outer journey is directed by, and aligned with, my inner vision.

I reach into in my creative toolbox, using practices such as reflection, meditation and dreaming, to birth my vision into life.

First-Quarter Moon Global Times

  • London – 4th December , 6.59am
  • NYC – 4th December, 1:59am
  • Sydney – 4th December, 5:59pm
  • Singapore – 4th December, 2:59pm
  • Lagos – 4th December, 7:59am
  • Rome – 4th December, 7:59am
  • Rio de Janeiro – 4th December, 4:59am
  • Mumbai – 4th December, 12:29pm
  • Copenhagen – 4th December, 7:59am
  • Beirut – 4th December, 8:59am

Full Moon 19° 52’ Gemini ~ Illuminated, Spontaneous Truths

Full Moon Personal Practice

Full Moon in Gemini inspires a break from boredom and routine.

I throw open the doors, go out into the world with spontaneity and seek new friendships and relationships.

Full Moon Global Times

  • London – 12th December , 5.13am
  • NYC – 12th December, 12:13am
  • Sydney – 12th December, 4:13pm
  • Singapore – 12th December, 1:13pm
  • Lagos – 12th December, 6:13am
  • Rome – 12th December, 6:13am
  • Rio de Janeiro – 12th December, 3:13am
  • Mumbai – 12th December, 10:43am
  • Copenhagen – 12th December, 6:13am
  • Beirut – 12th December, 7:13am

Last Quarter Moon at 26° 58’ Virgo ~ Releasing Stories

Last-Quarter Moon Personal Practice

I release.

I rest. I relax. I reflect. I rise.

Last-Quarter Moon Global Times

  • London – 19th December , 4.57am
  • NYC – 18th December, 11:57pm
  • Sydney – 19th December, 3:57pm
  • Singapore – 19th December, 12:57pm
  • Lagos – 19th December, 5:57am
  • Rome – 19th December, 5:57am
  • Rio de Janeiro – 19th December, 2:57am
  • Mumbai – 19th December, 10:27am
  • Copenhagen – 19th December, 5:57am
  • Beirut – 19th December, 6:57am

What to listen to?

Sun in Sagittarius, Taylor Swift exploring the theme of the archer in The Archer.

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