Table of Contents

Pre-Course To Do’s


1. Add the dates below to your calendar

2. Introduce yourself by answering  8 questions.

3. Watch a five-minute video that shows you how to: 

1. How to create a free account on Astro.com

2. How to add your birth data and create your chart

3. How to find Inanna in your birth chart

Course Content Dates


Course materials will be released on the course page at 8 am PST:


1. Week 1: Tuesday June 25th

2. Week 2: Tuesday, July 2nd

3. Week 3: Tuesday, July 9th

4. Week 4: Tuesday, July 16th


Live Calls between Weeks 1 & 2 and 3 & 4. The exact times will be confirmed when the course commences. 

Joining the Live Calls


– Live call dates: TBD by final participant make-up

– Zoom link: https://us05web.zoom.us/j/113497833?pwd=VjdhYzRHUjFxYlBxQWF6WnhCamRPZz09

– Meeting ID: 113 497 833

– Passcode: LUMINOUS

Introduce Yourself



Click here to introduce yourself. The information remains confidential. 

Find Ishtar in Your Chart

What sign is Ishtar in?


Aries ♈️  ~ Your Planet is Mars

Taurus ♉️ ~Your Planet is Venus (Taurus is the nighttime ruler of Venus)

Gemini ♊️ ~ Your Planet is Mercury
Cancer ♋️ ~ Your Luminary is the Moon

Leo ♌️ ~ Your Luminary is the Sun

Virgo ♍️ ~ Your Luminary is Mercury 

Libra ♎️ ~ Your Planet is Venus (Libra is the daytime ruler of Venus)

Scorpio ♏️ ~ Your Planet is Pluto

Sagittarius ♐️ ~ Your Planet is Jupiter

Capricorn ♑️ ~ Your Planet is Saturn

Aquarius ♒️ ~ Your Planet is Uranus

Pisces ♓️ ~ Your Planet is Neptune

Next Steps


• What sign is Ishtar in your chart? Leave a comment below

• Have a question? Ask it below.

• Module 1 is released on June 25th 8am PST

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