How do I know if GlobalWoman is for me?

GlobalWoman is centred around the twelve Lunar Cycles of 2021. Dates below are UTC time.

        1. January 13th
        2. February 11th
        3. March 13th
        4. April 12th
        5. May 11th
        6. June 10th
        7. July 10th 
        8. August 8th
        9. September 7th
        10. October 6th
        11. November 4th 
        12. December 4th

The placement of the New Moon is our starting point for the coming lunar cycle when you set intention to author your own story. Not only do you connect with the community of woman within you, you will connect with the GlobalWoman community.

GlobalWoman is an online world centred around lunar cycles for socially aware creatives + entrepreneurs for networking, learning and collaborating.

Wherever ‘GlobalWoman’, ‘woman’ or ‘goddess’ are used we intend to speak to an inclusive definition of woman and femaleness.

All women are welcome, inclusive of the diversity of bodies, genders, sexualities and relationships, and welcoming of trans, genderqueer, non-binary, and cis women.