From Blob to GlobalWoman Bombshell

It’s the beginning of the holiday season here in Sydney and summer is heating up as I’m winding down. Next week, I’ll be switching off the laptop, heading down to the beach and wearing my favourite pair of flip flops. All I can say about that is YES!

2015 has been huge. I mean HUGE. 2015 asked a lot of me and I embodied my GlobalWoman best to reply with an open heart, big mind and everyday inspired action.

The year started innocently enough.

Twelve months ago I optimistically ordered a new sassy swimming costume from an online retailer. Backstory – in July of 2014 I’d started working out with a personal trainer. Come December I thought as I was now super fit and svelte, it was time to reward myself with a sassy new cossiefor the beach.

I’m embarrassed to admit this.

The swimming costume arrived and I couldn’t get it over my knees. I was more blob than bombshell**. I laughed about it BUT I also made the decision then and there that in 2015 things were seriously going to have to change. Things being me. I told my personal trainer that it was time to ramp up the training.

As a start, I changed my Monday-Friday eating plan to plant based food. Champagne and other treats were for weekends only. I upped my working out at the gym to four sessions a week, and ensured additional fitness activities on the other three days. Wasn’t long before sassy swimming costume was inching further up my body.

Problem was, we were now in Autumn.

The year had settled into its 2015 groove and life was exerting itself in unexpected ways. I stayed focused. By now I was acutely aware of my capacity for sabotage and knew to be vigilant in observing, and managing, my triggers. Winter was hard but I kept going even though wearing a swimming costume was the furthest thought on my mind.

I could have easily have quit by giving into the voice that repeatedly called me with “one won’t hurt” or “you’ve been good all week” or “you deserve it”. 

What I deserved was to have a healthy, strong body that was fit and flexible.

As Spring beckoned, the cossie looked promising.

It was a litle tight but the win was that I could get actually get it on. I’d come a long way. But I wasn’t there yet; I kept at the work, correcting and refining always. And then, one balmy afternoon in late November, a dear friend invited me for a swim at Bronte. I pulled the cossie out and on it went, like a glove. Fitting purrfectly.***

2015 taught me that working on building inner strength and outer strength activated powers that had long lain dormant. My GlobalWoman superpowers were realised.

2015, here’s what I learned

  • Inner strength + outer strength = GlobalWoman
  • Consistency was key but action was pivotal
  • Having a vision was paramount
  • Building inner and outer strength requires commitment, self-discipline, tenacity and push-back Tweet This
  • Clarity only comes via taking inspired action
  • Clarity doesn’t come from sitting around thinking about taking action Tweet This
  • Revolutions don’t happen overnight.

Here’s what I did in 2015

  • I stood up for myself and for the GlobalWoman brand
  • Released my new GlobalWoman Manifesto
  • Ran my first public GlobalWoman events in Sydney and Melbourne
  • Ran my first online GlobalWoman coaching program
  • Activated my superpowers to launch the Goddess SuperPower Session
  • Launched the world’s first GlobalWoman Entrepreneur Program
  • Connected with so many amazing women around the world via GlobalWoman Connect Calls. Jordan, Beijing, NYC, London, LA, Sydney, Melbourne.

2015, I have a lot of gratitude for you. But I have a new found level of respect for me. Watch out 2016, GlobalWoman has landed.


Kathryn x x

  • Christina Morrison

    December 17, 2015 at 8:33 am Reply

    Thankyou for such an honest and insightful article!

    • Yamini

      December 17, 2015 at 9:31 am Reply

      Thank you Christina x I’m so grateful to you for your support and encouragement. You embody the spirit, heart and vision of GlobalWoman x

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