12 Lunar Cycles. One GlobalWoman Year. GlobalWoman is an online world centred around lunar cycles.

Guided by each lunar cycle,  we create and live lives that centre on creativity, love, pleasure, power, justice, joy and embodiment. Cycle by cycle.

Using the sign and degree of each New Moon, you place her exact position in your chart and then track her unfolding magic, from First-Quarter to Full-Moon to Dark-Moon. Visioning. Questing. Actualisation. Surrender.

Cycle 5 of 2021  commences May 11th with the emergence of the New Moon @21° 17' Taurus. Registration opens April 30th and must close May 9th.  ♉️

It's actually all of the above as each cycle's content includes ...

- Onboarding guide + onboarding call
-  Beautiful content guide for the lunar cycle
-  4 lunar meetings in two hemisphere call times
Global conversations on pleasure
- Your GlobalWoman global community
- more wonderful things




At the beginning of each lunar cycle, you receive the GlobalWoman Guide for the cycle ahead.

  • Your Onboarding Guide
  • Your Cycle 5 Guide which includes: 
    • All lunar phases times
    • Your own beautiful astrology chart to track your lunar cycle
    • Practices for each phase of the lunar cycle
    • Tutorials 
    • + Resources

You’ll network with socially-aware creatives, currently based in North America, England and Australia who are co-creating the world we need now.

  • Onboarding Call - 2 timezones
  • Weekly Live Astro Sessions 
  • Weekly Live Lunar Session for UK/EU/Africa and Asia +
  • Weekly Live Lunar Session for Americas/AU & NZ 
  • Fortnightly Creative Sessions for GlobalWoman Entrepreneur

What happens after I sign up?

  • Once you sign up, the magic begins. Immediately you will receive an email with the onboarding guide for Cycle 4. This guide contains all important information about the lunar phase, onboarding call time as well as our the four lunar phase call times. 

Do I have to join the Facebook group? 

  • You don't have to do anything you don't want to do nor join anything you don't want to join. Everything is recorded and available in the private member's area.

Is there a place for me given that I'm interested in Astrology but don't actually know much?

  • Yes, yes and yes. The beauty of starting with the lunar cycle, is that you begin the process of interpreting your own chart and learning along the way.

Do I have to be female to join GlobalWoman?

  • All peoples are welcome, inclusive of the diversity of bodies, genders, sexualities and relationships, and welcoming of trans, genderqueer, non-binary, and cis women.

What is GlobalWoman?

  • Good question! GlobalWoman is an online world centred around lunar cycles for socially aware creatives + entrepreneurs for networking, learning and collaborating.

Who is GlobalWoman for?

  • GlobalWoman is for every female-identifying person (all women are welcome, inclusive of the diversity of bodies, genders, sexualities and relationships, and welcoming of trans, genderqueer, non-binary, and cis women) wanting to learn more about the lunar cycle and their own chart. 

Is it too late to join for 2021?

  • Never. The beauty of the lunar cycle is that you can pick up at any time and start tracking.

Do I need to know Astrology to join?

  • No! The best part is that you learn as we go. You will find resources to facilitate the learning process such as video tutorials and audio conversations.

Is Astrology all you talk about?

  • We talk about astrology in the larger context of our lives. We talk about creativity, activism, business, life, love, what we’re reading, watching and listening to. And more

Does GlobalWoman happen online? 

  • Yes - given that we are GlobalWoman and our mission is to champion to embody women the lunar cycle in their charts, we meet online. Of course, and when we’re not living through a global pandemic, we encourage you to can connect locally. 

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