Dreaming to Action

When I was a young girl, the Nuns (yes, I was taught by Nuns) would say repeatedly, ‘There’s a time for dreaming and there’s a time for action.’ We are at that time. 

As I write, the Sun is transiting the last degrees of Pisces before entering Aries on March 21st. Enjoy the final dreaming days of Pisces before action-packed Aries arrives.

March 21st 2019 is significant astrologically; the date marks the beginning of the Northern Spring, Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere and the Astrological year. To add to the date’s significance, we will experience the Libra Full Moon at 0°08’ Libra 1:42 am UTC. 

Pisces to Aries; vision to action.

So far in 2019, you’ve explored earthy Capricorn, the endless sky of Aquarius and the oceanic depths of watery Pisces. On March 20th/21st, depending on your location, the Sun transits from Pisces into Aries until April 21st. 

The first fire sign of the calendar year, Aries marks the beginning of the Northern Spring and Autumn in the Southern hemisphere.

Change is afoot.

In the wash-up of the Pisces Sun cycle, Aries assists us with moving from Pisces confusion and lack of clarity to taking decisive and inspired action. 

The Wonder Woman and Amazonian warrior of the Astro wheel, Aries energy helps us initiate, fight for our values and fearlessly put ourselves out there to create the life we want.

Aries season asks:

  • Are you willing to fight for the life you want?
  • Are you willing to take risks to create the life you want?

Under the sign of Aries and with your self-belief, courage and strength activated, anything and everything feels possible.

Watch out for:

Aries is all ‘I AM’ yet life is about ‘WE’. Watch out now for being so self-absorbed that when the Sun moves into Taurus you still have allies and haven’t burned bridges.

Important Aries Dates

  • March 20th/21st – Full Moon
  • March 28th – Last Quarter Moon
  • 5th April – New Moon
  • 12th/13th April – First Quarter Moon
  • April 19th – Full Moon
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