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Today I thought I would pop in to see how you are doing, and share how GlobalWoman and Luminous Wonder came to me.


But first.


This week’s blog finds me in Chicago. Not right now of course, but going back nearly ten years ago.


Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was in the midst of a nearly four-year progressed Dark-Moon phase, not knowing where to turn or if there was even a way forward.


The progressed Dark Moon is the last phase of an approximately 30-year Lunar cycle. We’re at the end of the cycle with the Dark Moon asking us to stop, sit and reflect.


For myself, all previous structures had fallen away and I had no clue about the way ahead.


The past no longer held me, and I had no insights as to the way forward. My life in Sydney had been packed up and was in storage.


I felt like I was in S T O R A G E.


With the Australian dollar strong against the greenback and America in the furnace of the global financial crisis, a close friend invited me to the US to hang out for the summer. A road trip was in order.


So off I went across the Pacific and through a completely bizarre set of circumstances I found myself ALONE in Chicago. Which of course is where this week’s blog begins.


With the skyline of Chicago. Click here to read more.


It was also on this trip to America that I had the most profound chart reading of my life, with Demetra George, author of Asteroid Goddesses and Mysteries of the Dark Moon.


Demetra told me how to navigate the progressed Dark-Moon, and encouraged me to look for the gifts the previous progressed lunar cycle held.


Once I was able to name what I was experiencing, the progressed Dark-Moon phase, I learned that the Moon and the lunar phases give us information and instructions if we dare to look and listen.


It was this reading with Demetra, the Astrologer’s Astrologer, that inspired me to commit to my astrology practice and study.


  • To immerse me in learning the history of Western Astrology
  • To unlearn much of what I had been taught about Western Astrology
  • To dismantle the coded gendered language that Western astrology is centered around
  • To embody my LUMINOUS


Every step has been right. Every step has brought me here, to meet you here luminous friend.


Yours in wonder, 😘


Kathryn x 


GlobalWoman Creator and Curator 🌍🌏🌎


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