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GlobalWoman Insider – Stella Topaz

Your pronouns?

I’m Stella Topaz, she/her.

Your location?

I live in Sydney – Eora Country.

I believe…

  • love is a felt state, an action, and a healing power;
    each body is beautiful and (likely) thrives on love, touch, sex, laughter, rest, movement, and being around other bodies;
  • anuses in particular need love and attention;
  • I am capable of good contributions in the sex/pleasure/embodiment arena.

I want myself to…

…be free, generous, brave and adventurous. I want my occupation and income stream to be fully from my business – Abundant Body.

I want you to…

…to find pleasure on your skin, in your body, at your own pace and free of pressure to be like anyone else. To breathe easily.

The vision I hold for myself is…

…to move with kindness, curiosity, confidence and skill in offering sexological bodywork and erotic education to others – to tend to myself / my body as part of that which includes being in my own body with presence and pride, best I can.

“I bring my own experiences – and gaps – of living queer, feminist, white and female in the world.

Embracing and loving the body I am in, contributing to community building, taking my role working against injustices.

I take care to live with compassion, gratitude, accountability and presence.

And pleasure.

Sexological bodywork can work to celebrate and strengthen us in who we uniquely are, beyond restrictive roles, norms and social structures.

It can also connect us, in building relationships and communities grounded in respect, awareness and delight.”

The vision I hold for you is…

…is to welcome, celebrate and honour your body, relationships and expressions of self. I want my work to contribute to our communities; for us to be conscious, curious, free, ethical, loving, playful and kind, in our expressions of ourselves, and with each other, as sexual and social beings.

It all began when…

At a Dossie Easton weekend workshop but really in many crucial moments in the 3-4 decades before… when I noticed the power of sex, play, curiosity and loving my own body. When I understood that I already share this with others, affect others, and that I could purposely make this my work and income.

What I want from the World is…

What I want from the GlobalWoman World is connection, a place to share ideas, critiques, suggestions – and for me to be bold in asking for direct feedback on my work. To show up for myself and others, ask for what I want, and make really good use of what I/we each bring individually and can create collectively.

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