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GlobalWoman Insider – Natasha Alexander

Your pronouns?

Hi! I’m Natasha – she/her.

Your location?

My family are from the Caribbean, I was born in England and I now live in Brisbane, Australia.

I believe…

…that the people with intellectual or cognitive disabilities I see in my clinic are smart and all have something to teach me and others. We all have something to teach others, and we all have something to learn.

I want myself to…

…practice what I preach, and take better care of my health, my heart and my money.

I want you to…

…to see what I see.

I want you to know how amazing you are, and that you can experience love and desire and be supported with your dreams.

The vision I hold for myself is…

…that I make a difference to the lives of the individual people I meet, increase awareness and skills of people who support people with intellectual or cognitive disabilities, while making enough money to support myself and my family.

“I’ve learned to listen to my mind and body, to trust my intuition and to know my yes from my no.

For me, these are essential factors in developing self-worth, the ability to consent, and self-protection skills.

These values are at the heart of Consentability and my desire to work in partnership with individuals and their support network to educate, enable and empower everyone in the system.”

The vision I hold for you is…

…to educate, enable and empower you and people who support you.

It all began when…

…I ran away from government disability services.

What I want from the World is…

… emotional and practical support, ideas, advice and the occasional virtual hug.

I easily tip into overwhelm, and my ENFJ tendencies mean that details are best left to others. I have lots of ideas, but little time or energy to implement them.

I sometimes feel isolated in this work. I’m looking forward to connecting with you all.

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