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GlobalWoman Insider – Beáta Alföldi

Your pronouns?

My pronouns are: She/ Her

Your location?

I live between Mexico and Europe.

I believe…

…in community, the rising of consciousness on our planet, the importance of women in global positions of power, taking personal responsibility in our lives and the importance of sacred plant medicines to foster long-lasting transformation in an individual’s life.

I want myself to…

…continue to deepen my connection to the Divine.

I want you to…

…know that you have the power to create anything that you want and that you also have the power to change your story.

The vision I hold for myself is…

…to continue to create global networks of like minded people creating life-affirming and positive change in our world.

“My work will assist you to heal, empower and transform your life; with tools for deepening your spiritual practice, discovering your soul’s purpose and connecting with your authentic self.”

The vision I hold for you is…

…to continue to create retreats, workshops and online programs that support you in living your highest creative potential.

It all began when…

… my son Alakai, died in the process of childbirth. 

I’ve always looked to life as my greatest teacher, and in 2011, life took me on the most deeply challenging journey to date, when my son Alakai died in the process of childbirth – he was full-term. 

During that time, I also found out that my mother was terminally ill with cancer (she has since passed) and my husband and I divorced due to the incredible strain on our relationship. I had a choice – to drown in self-pity and sorrow, or to go deep within and commit to a path of personal healing, transformation, and growth.

A promise that I will always keep.

Alakai’s death awoke in me a joy and beauty that reconnected me to the sacredness of life in a way that inspires me each and every day. I have now come to be in an empowered and deeply life-affirming space, where I continue to explore, embrace, and step into all that I am and all that I choose to be in every moment.

What I want from the World is…

…a return to community, equality, freedom, peace and justice for all living beings.

What I’m creating now is…

…a new online program for women and many new global retreats and workshops for both men and women. Some will involve sacred plant medicines and others will not. I am also in the process of writing my first book.

My current offerings are…

…online mentorships for women, 1:1 sessions, global shamanic retreats, workshops, programs and journeys.

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