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GlobalWoman Insider – Barbara Carrellas

Your pronouns?

My pronouns are she and/or they.

Your location?

I’m based in New York City, and I travel a lot.

I believe…

  • …that the universe is conspiring in our favor
  • that pleasure is good and ecstasy is necessary
  • in an embodied spirituality that celebrates the body as a path to – spiritual growth, awareness and freedom
  • in the power of love to heal
  • that the combination of love, consciousness, and sexual energy can change anything.

I want myself to…

…I want myself to play and laugh more.

I want you to…

…I want you to be more authentic, feel more deeply, love more consciously, and create your life as a great work of art.

“Consciousness. That was it! 

The difference between my ordinary urban life and my wooded Tantric retreats was consciousness. 

If I could be completely conscious and present in each moment, it wouldn’t matter whether I practiced Tantra in Bali or on the Bowery. 

Not only would location not matter, but neither would strict adherence to “traditional” Tantric practices. 

Anything I performed with complete consciousness would be completely alive, authentic, and transformative.”

The vision I hold for myself is…

…to leave the world a bit more erotic and enlightened place than I found it.

The vision I hold for you is…

It all began when

…AIDS happened

What I want from the World is…

…is creative and practical inspiration and support.

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