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Each astrological house associated with Leo brings its unique traits to individuals’ lives, shaping their creativity, pursuits, and interactions with the world.


From the Leo 1st House, where play and adornment are imperative, to the 12th House, where spiritual contemplation and creative healing take place, these lionesses illuminate the world with their unique and LUMINOUS presence.

Moon in Leo


The Moon in Leo brings a vibrant and expressive emotional nature to those born under its influence. Just like the Moon derives its luminosity from the Sun, individuals with a Leo Moon find their sense of security and fulfilment by radiating their unique light and personality.

At the core of Leo Moon’s emotional needs lies a desire for creative self-expression and joyful experiences. They thrive when they can express themselves freely, like a true performer on the stage of life. Their home environment is essential to them, as it serves as their stage, where they can showcase their personality and style. They take pride in their living space and may put effort into creating a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Playfulness and a sense of fun are crucial for their emotional well-being, as they enjoy engaging in activities that allow them to shine and spread positivity to those around them.

While the Moon in Leo brings forth these dynamic emotional traits, it’s essential to recognise that an individual’s emotional landscape is influenced by various factors in their astrological birth chart.

Nonetheless, Leo, Queens of their Castle, teaches us the significance of embracing our inner light and finding joy in self-expression, making the world a brighter and more luminous place.

Vivienne Westwood – Queen of Punk


• Vesta @14° 54’ Leo ♌

• Juno @22° 22’ Leo ♌

• Moon @24° 32’ Leo ♌


Leo in the Wild: School Teacher, Punk, Fashion, Music, Designer, Dame, Activist


Queen Elizabeth II – Actual Queen


– Leo 7th House ♌

– Moon at 12° 7′ Leo♌

– Neptune at 22° 2′ Leo ♌

– Lilith at 24° 25′ Leo ♌


Leo in the Wild – frequent wearer of crowns, tiaras and jewels + inhabitant of multiple palaces. 

The Leo Ascendant


The Ascendant is your entry point into the human, earthly experience. The point of the Ascendant is determined by the exact degree of the zodiac that was rising up over the eastern horizon at the time, date and location of your incarnation.


Demetra George, author of Mysteries of the Dark Moon, writes that the Ascendant speaks to what we want to be known for.


You will notice a Leo ascendant because their embodied presence is something to behold and be admired.


Then you will notice their hair because it will be styled into a mane of sorts, possibly adorned with flowers, glitter, or whatever they have close by.


Leo ascendant has an innate sense of style, and in some cases features that appear leonine. MEOW. 🦁 😸 🐅

Maya Angelou – Queen Poet & Activist

• Ascendant at 23° 58’ ♌

• Neptune at 26° 40’ ♌


Leo in the Wild: Notice the wearing of turbans to adorn her physical appearance.


Tina Turner – Queen Icon

• Ascendant at 17° 25’ Leo ♌


Leo in the Wild: notice the wild Leo mane of Tina Turner and frequent leopard print clothing.


1st House Leo


Defined by the Ascendant, the First House represents the concept known as self; the body you were born with, your physical appearance, and your general temperament also known as who you are.


It is in the First house that as children we begin to explore and experience our immediate outer world.


For a Leo First House, play, joy and adornment are imperative. They explore the world with confidence, courage and vitality.

Solange Knowles – Queen Creatress

• 1st House Leo ♌

• Ascendant at 5° 55’ Leo ♌

• Venus at 10° 18’ Leo ♌

• Pallas Athene at 17° 06’ Leo ♌


Leo in the Wild: Listen to ‘Don’t Touch My Hair‘ by Solange.’


2nd House Leo



The 2nd House wants you to have all the resources, both inner and outer, to live your life securely. More specifically the 2nd House is related to personal finances, material possessions, and the concept of value and worth.


Magnetic, radiant personality and charisma are some of the resources this lioness has in their toolbox.


They are generous.


They are generous, possibly extravagant, with their resources because they are overflowing with them.

Cher – Queen Goddess


• Leo 2nd House ♌

• Pluto at 9° 31’ ♌

• Mars at 13° 21’ ♌


Leo in the Wild: known for wearing extravagant dramatic and sparkling clothes.


3rd House Leo


Intellectually charismatic, Leo’s third house has dramatic stories to tell.


Some will say that the stories of Leo’s third house created are far-fetched and overly dramatic, but these creatresses know how to use colourful drama to focus the truth.

Margaret Atwood – Queen of Storytelling


3rd House Leo Pallas Athene at 2° 24’ ♌ Leo

• 3rd House Pluto at 2° 52’ ♌ Leo

• The IC at 8° 55’ ♌ Leo


Read ‘The Handmaids Tale’ and ‘Double Persephone’.


4th House Leo


The 4th House sits at the base of the chart and symbolises home, family, history and ancestors.


A Leo-ruled 4th house is a contradiction.


Leo wants and craves and needs to be out in the world SHINING, whereas the 4th house represents the home; where we feel safe and cocooned.


How to balance these seemingly contradictory qualities?


Create a home fit for your divinity, opulence and queendom. Create a home that is joyous; play in your home.




Have a day bed where you can lounge and laze around, like a lioness in the sun. 🦁 🐅 👑 🦁

Virginia Woolf – Queen Creatress


• 4th House Leo ♌

• IC at 5° 55’ Leo ♌

• Lilith at 24° 42’ Leo ♌


5th House Leo


The 5th house represents going out into the world embodying your authentic essence.


Prioritise exploring creativity, play, pleasure and wear loads of leopard print, often all at once.


Oh art thou Leo, here you are in your natural habitat. Playing, creating, flirting, performing, loving, leoparding.


Here, you are the penultimate lioness. 🦁 👑 🐅

Rihanna – Queen 


• 5th House Leo ♌

• Lilith at 20° 45’ Leo ♌


Leo in the Wild: eating caviar for breakfast 


6th House Leo


The 6th House is concerned with health, wellness, and daily routines, including the work you do daily. The 6th House is very much occupied with the habits and discipline we develop over time.


A 6th House shines at work and brings their innate charisma and creativity to everyday life.

Alicia Keys


Leo 6th House ♌

• North Node at 10° 54’ Leo


Leo in the Wild: wear leopard print everyday alert ♌


7th House Leo


The 7th House takes you above the horizon for the first time. You now turn your attention to others and the importance and value of connections in all areas of your life.


Justice, balance and fairness are important here.


There’s dignity to the Leo 7th house person, but they know it’s not only for them. They seek relating, and justice, that is joyous and fair. They embody courage and charisma.

Rosa Parks – Queen of  Radiant Courage

• Leo 7th House ♌


Leo in the Wild: The embodiment of pride, dignity and courage, qualities of Leo.

8th House Leo


The 8th House is where we explore life’s big questions of life, death, sex, transformation and regeneration.


Courage and charisma to explore the depths of the psyche for transformation and regeneration.


Oprah – Queen of Radiant Transformation


• 8th House Leo

• Juno at 21° 57’ ♌ Leo

• Pluto at 24° 09’ ♌ Leo

9th House Leo


The 9th House is associated with long-distance journeys (of the real and imagined kind), philosophy, and higher education. It wants to explore big ideas.


They’re armed with a vast toolbox of creativity and courage to bring their big ideas to life.

Tori Amos – Queen Creatress


• Leo 9th House ♌

• Venus at 26° 55’ Leo ♌

• Sun at 28° 55’ Leo ♌


Leo in the Wild: Tori’s Medium – Songwriter, Singer, Performer, Story-teller


Mid-Heaven in Leo


The Mid-Heaven is the highest point of your chart. The highest point, the Midheaven, is often embedded in your 10th House and signifies the height of your success.


The peak, so to speak.


A Leo-ruled Mid-Heaven is brimming with boundless creativity and charisma and joy.


Diana Von Furstenburg – Queen of the Wrap Dress

• Saturn at 7° 27’ Leo ♌

• Pluto at 12° 54’ Leo ♌

• Mid-Heaven 18° 19’ Leo ♌

• 10th House Leo ♌


Leo in the Wild: known for her loyalty, generosity and love of leopard print.

10th House Leo


The 10th House is located at the very top of the chart and is the high point of your unique story.


The Tenth House also governs public image, professional aspirations, and career achievements.


Dua Lipa 

• MC at 8° 57′ Leo ♌

• Sun at 28° 53′ Leo ♌

• Venus at 29° 16′ Leo ♌


Leo in the Wild: Strutting and meowing on center stage.

Beyonce – Queen


10th House Leo ♌

• North Node 0° 50’ Leo ♌

• Mars @1° 37’ Leo ♌

• Pallas Athene @24° 05’ Leo ♌


Leo in the Wild: Queen of performing, wearing leopard print and throwing her mane around.


11th House Leo


The 11th House is concerned with purpose and is linked to humanitarian pursuits, as well as distant networks.


Technology and innovation exist within this house as a way to explore what lies beyond.


11th House Leo needs to creatively explore what lies beyond what is already known.


They are unconventional, and if they have to sit on a cannon to get where they need to go, they will.


They seek to challenge the status quo and cultural norms in the most creative and charming way they can.



GlobalWoman Creator

• 11th House Leo ♌

• Venus at 25° 24’ Leo ♌

• Lilith at 25° 38’ Leo ♌

• North Node at 26° 54’ Leo ♌


Leo in the Wild: Has a tendency to enjoy sitting on cannons.

12th House Leo


The 12th House represents a refuge from the physical and material worlds. This is the house of spiritual contemplation, prayerful reflection and creative healing.


The 12th House has the capacity to imagine and vision what is unseen and bring it out into the world.


The 12th house is associated with Christ’s Consciousness. In lieu of a crown of thorns, a 12th-house Leo person will adorn themselves with a majestic flower crown as they rule their creative queendom.


Frida Kahlo

• 12th House Leo ♌

• Mercury at 6° 20’ ♌ Leo

• Fortuna at 10° 20’ ♌ Leo

• Ascendant at 23° 31’ ♌ Leo


Leo in the Wild: Notice Frida’s hair ornament and how she often adorned her head with a flower crown.


North Node in Leo


The North Node and South Node of the Moon form the Nodal Axis, which are points directly opposite in celestial space.


The Nodes are mathematical points, not physical objects, defining the relationship between the locations of the Sun, Moon, and Earth.


The symbol, called the “dragon’s head” consists of a horseshoe shape, a curved U shape culminating in two small, unfilled circles.


The North Node points to the kinds of experiences that we must work to develop in order to work with our karmic lineage and to live our most LUMINOUS life and purpose.


North Node in Leo


North Node in Leo lionesses are the ultimate lionesses. Their destiny is to embody queendom, courage, joy and creativity.


Georgia O’Keeffe

Radiant Artist



• 9th House Leo ♌

• Saturn at 6° 32’ Leo ♌

• North Node at 13° 21’ Leo♌

Elizabeth 1 – Actual Queen


• 8th House Leo ♌

• North Node @25° 03’ Leo ♌

7th September 1533 – 24th Marth 1603


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