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GlobalWoman Insider Faith Agugu

Your pronouns?

My pronouns are: She and Her

Your location?

Sydney, Australia

I believe…

…in love, freedom and compassion.

I want myself to…

…remain a curious entrepreneur, always looking for challenges that need creative solutions.

I want you to…

…be happy, you deserve to be happy. I want you know that I will meet you exactly where you are. 

The vision I hold for myself is…

…Yippee! To keep playing and  growing. To remember that this beautiful planet/world is one giant adventure park.


“When people first come to me, they have a deep sense of hopelessness. I want them to know that even though they have no hope at that moment, my job is to hold onto hope for them until they are strong enough to embody it for themselves.

My clients describe me as a practical and grounded healer and counsellor. My three-year adventure into a social science degree has impacted my practice, bringing a balance to my naturally intuitive nature.

I am passionate about helping my clients to find their inner strength and to integrate it into their work, relationships and passions.”

The vision I hold for you is…

…that you have the strength to take the tough journeys, not flinch when it feels too hard and to have the courage to go the distance and I will be walking beside you when you meet your whole self.

It all began when…

…I opened my eyes as I crouched under a market stall in Lagos, Nigeria. My eyes opened that day.

What I want from the World is…

…So much, for humans to wake up from our slumber, for humans to know how much more we can be, do.

For humans to cherish our planet and each other. For the patriarch, capitalism, white supremacy to step aside and make room for more inclusive and compassion structures.

What I’m creating now is…

…Silver Sirens Re-defining A Brave New World – A Global Conversation ONLINE event for women over 40 around the world. My favourite part of this project is bring together a formidable selection of women.

My current offerings are…

…ONLINE Workshop, Healing the Mother Daughter Relation for Mothers Day and one-on-one psychotherapy, energy healing and mindfulness coaching all available via Zoom, FaceTime and WhatsApp video.

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