I Started a Revolution. My Own.

For a long time I had a vision. For an equal length of time I was in fear of success and failure in equal measures – fear of stepping out, or not.

I was afraid both of taking a risk AND not taking a risk.

Day to day, my mind would swing between the two poles of action vs inaction. Vision and fear.

Most days, fear won. Fear of being judged; judged for creating something that was less than ‘perfect’ or judged for not creating anything at all.

Afraid to power up my own revolution of playing big in the world.

My well worn excuse? “I’m not quite ready.”

A deeper frustration was people would tell me how brilliant I was at what I wanted to do.

Create vision, organise strategy, devise tactics and start my revolution.

People were wanting to pay me to work on their business and I was saying, “No, I’m not ready.”

You don’t have to tell me how crazy that is.

You see, I thought that not only I had to be ‘perfect’, but the external world of timing also had to be perfect. Oh, and freckles. They were another reason why I wasn’t ‘perfect’.

I was going nowhere fast, because I pretty much had the situation set up for postponement.

Today’s not quite right. Tomorrow might be better. Meanwhile tomorrow looked a whole lot like yesterday. So, round and round thoughts went in my head about why I was waiting. All the while caught up in postponing hitting the big stage of my professional life.

Truth be told, I was longing for a game-change in my business and in my life. I was tired of waiting and so bored from the limbo of paralysis.

And then I thought. So what, if I’m not perfect? So what, if this blog isn’t perfect?

“Perfection murders joy. You cut yourself out of the game before you even start.” 

Power comes from action.

Tomorrow I will wake, not with dread of a life un-lived, but energised by the power of creativity and momentum from taking a risk.

Finding a life that is mine requires taking radical action to be realised. Today the hunger for change outweighed the status quo so I jumped.

And landed here. The heroine of my own life.

Kathryn x

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