GlobalWoman Goddess SuperPower Session

Astrology Re-imagined

Think of the Goddess SuperPower session as an astrology reading + coaching session, with a sprinkling of stardust and lunar magic to activate and integrate your Goddess SuperPowers. 

In this one of a kind session, we examine your astrological chart from a uniquely feminist perspective and use these insights to map out your revolution. Give me 90 minutes and I’ll shake up your whole world view… You’ll emerge with a new take on who you are, where you’ve come from and where you’re headed.

In a standard astrology reading (the kind we’re familiar with), the only feminine archetypes that get air time are the conventional, ‘palatable’ faces of womanhood. So we hear about Venus and the Moon, but that’s as far as it goes. The other feminine archetypes are largely ignored and written out of the picture.

But that doesn’t mean they’re not out there… And it certainly doesn’t mean they’re not still influencing your life and path.

In the Goddess SuperPower session, we bring them back + take a thorough look at how to harness the power of the Moon. I look at your birth chart and examine how your personal revolution interacts with the ancient, all-powerful Asteroid Goddesses – dismissed until now because they were too challenging, too hard to pin down and dare I say, too female.

GlobalWoman, meet Lilith, Ceres, Vesta, Juno, Pallas Athene and Fortuna – the all-powerful sisterhood of asteroid goddesses.

Each has her own realm:

  • Ceres, the Great Mother, reveals themes of compassion, self-care, capacity for creation and cultivation + our nurturing style.
  • Pallas Athena, the Warrior Queen, shows where we are willing to lead + where we are respected as an equal. Equally she indicates our unique creative intelligence, perception, strategic ability and healing capacities.
  • Juno, the Divine Consort, has everything to do with our most intimate relationships and themes of relating.
  • Vesta, Goddess of the Eternal Flame, represents the principle of focus and commitment. She functions as an autonomous being to transform sexual energies and bring about personal integration.
  • Fortuna, Goddess of Fortuna, shows us how and where we need to work and take action to manifest abundance. Remember, fortune favours the brave and the bold.
  • Lilith, Goddess of the Dark Moon, urges you to rebel fearlessly and demand equality.

Michelle Marie McGrath ~ UK

``I highly recommend a Goddess Superpower Session with Yamini. Fascinating and so many confirmations and a-ha's about natural, innate gifts and tendencies when you see which Archetypes are very dominant. Their influence in my life and their placement in specific houses....brilliant and really insightful. Yamini asked me so many thought provoking questions that are percolating and her combined biz coaching experience and wisdom packs a powerful punch. A great start to the year and much to ponder…”

I’ll pinpoint how each goddess theme is supporting your personal journey and entrepreneurial revolution in this lifetime.

It’s likely there’s one in particular calling you to embody her essence and bear the torch of her revolution – your revolution.

We’ll talk about how you can tune in and awaken to the supportive, uplifting potential of the goddesses. 

Empowered with this wisdom, you’ll think, ‘Wow, this explains A LOT.’ and ‘Oh my Goddess, I feel so much clearer about where I’m going now.’

These Asteroid Goddesses are here to support you. All you need to do is honour them and pay attention to activate their essences.

GlobalWoman’s Goddess SuperPower session’s purpose is to awaken your inner goddess wisdom and integrate this into your GlobalWoman revolution. #itsinthestars

I look for where your true purpose aligns with your chart, your soul’s evolution, your lunar cycle and the asteroid goddess sisterhood. I’ll explain how these influences underpin your life’s work and daily practice, plus how you can harness your Goddess given superpowers.

Kris Riv ~ US

I want to tell you THANK YOU for your beautiful insights about my life and future. It was so enlightening to me. I had to hold the tears many times during the call because you really spoke to my Soul. I will always remember this reading, your words of encouragement and patience with this newbie.

How the Session Works

Just bring yourself and your birth data (birth date, exact birth time and birth location). For example: 25/05/1982; 10.40am; Toowoomba, Queensland. That’s it! I can read all of the above from your birth data.

What You Get

GlobalWoman Goddess SuperPower activation, astounding clarity, far-reaching insights, your own GlobalWoman Goddess Superpower report + a high-def recording of your 90-minute session to refer to at every stage of your revolution.


Australia ~ $347AUD + GST 

Rest of world ~ $347AUD 


$347AUD + GST

Rest of World


Rebecca L ~ London

I absolutely love working with you! I love your unique combination of amazing business smarts with a deep understanding and respect of astrology and how that affects our lives and our businesses. I also love that you bring in little known Goddesses and show how they are affecting my life and business, in such huge ways!

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