Patti Smith, Loving Humanity, Suffragettes + SuperPowers

October 2015 was rich with content to choose from for GlobalWoman’s October roundup. I narrowed it down by focusing on the fiercest, GlobalWoman warriors from across the globe; women using their creative powers and taking action to find a life that is theirs.

  • Punk’s high priestess Patti Smith has always creatively channeled her goddess super-powers. Now she has a new memoir, ‘M Train’ out. The M stands for mind, and Ms. Smith is her train’s conductor. I was inspired by this quote as a way to work.
  • A few years ago I studied coding. After a few lessons, I realised that coding, like astrology, is a language. In the current edition of British Vogue, here’s what Karlie Kloss had to say about learning the language of coding:
  • Madeeha al-Musawi was once a seamstress. Nowadays she’s an Iraqi heroine treading activism and heroism + living a revolutionary life.
  • Nicki Minaj has become expert at modeling the ways that women can wield power in her industry. But she has also drawn attention to the ways in which power can be embodied by a woman standing up for herself and speaking her own mind. Tweet This

As she does in this article when she calls the interviewer out for misogyny.

  • Schools in Victoria Australia will soon have access to a new feminism curriculum called “Fightback”, created by Fitzroy High School’s Feminist Collective to fight school sexism.
  • Tweet of the month from @Nilofer: “Talent has NO age, size, sexuality, gender, disability, or color. Not everyone WILL have novel ideas, but anyone CAN.”#onlyness

Once again, thank you for sharing the GlobalWoman journey with me. I’d love to hear from you as to who inspired you this October. 


Kathryn x

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