Cindy Crawford, Rebel Wilson, Period Tracker Apps + Women on the Frontline

November 2016 was a month where women around the world activated their SuperPowers to get on with living revolutionary lives. Here are my inspiring selections from around the web of the GlobalWoman November round up.

In 10 years’ time I want a young woman who looks on the internet to find out what happened in Syria to find evidence of the roles women played. This is why I have made this film and why all the women risk their lives to appear in it.

Agents are great at making deals, but not building you. I wanted a business daddy. And I tried so many different business daddies on for size. In the end, I had to be my own business daddy.

  • My menstrual cycle has taught me so much about life and embracing change.  This article on how period trackers are changing girl culture fascinated me. Period tracker apps have helped shift attitudes, demystify and normalise menstruation by assigning cute icons to once unmentionables like heavy flow, maxi pads and period pimples.

Most important, the apps transform the input into crunchable data that can tell a young woman when her period is due, when it’s late and even why she might be feeling so blue.

  • Watch Malala Yousafzai tell Emma Watson: “I’m a feminist thanks to you”. Nobel laureate tells film star that the term seemed ‘tricky’ in her mind until she was inspired by Watson’s speech at the United Nations last year.
  • Carol Doda, who was widely credited with triggering a nationwide topless revolution as a 26-year-old go-go dancer in 1964, passed away in November.

I was the first to go topless in 1964 and started a sexual revolution that spun as fast as twirling tassels.

  • In Australia, the first Tuesday in November is Melbourne Cup day. This year’s race, for the first time in its 155 year history, the winning jockey was a woman, Michelle Payne.

But it was Payne’s victory over chauvinism that had women cheering with her short, but poignant, message to all those who reckoned a woman wasn’t strong enough to ride a Melbourne Cup winner:

Get stuffed.

Once again, thank you for sharing the GlobalWoman journey with me. I’d love to hear from you as to who inspired you this November by leaving a comment below.


Kathryn x

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