2023 Leo New Moon | Illuminating the Path of Courage

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About the New Moon


Each New Moon arrives at an exact time and degree, marking a significant moment in the new lunar cycle. 


As the Moon aligns with the Sun, its illuminated side faces away from Earth, leaving the night sky in darkness. This celestial event symbolises new beginnings, fresh intentions, and the promise and potential of a new lunar cycle.

Degree of 2023 Leo New Moon


The Leo New Moon of 2023 occurs at 23° 16′ Leo.

Time & Activations of 2023 Leo New Moon

09:37 August 16th, 2023 UTC



The Leo New Moon at 23° 16′ Leo directly activates:


– Transiting Uranus at 23° Taurus squares the New Moon at 23° 16′ Leo

– Transiting Lilith at 24° 35′ Leo conjuncts the New Moon at 23° 16′ Leo


For your own personal cosmic rebirth, tune into your chart, exploring the symbols between 20° – 25°. Remember, the closer the degrees, the mightier the activation.

Ruler of Leo – The Sun


In the grand tapestry of the cosmos, Leo’s sovereign ruler, the Sun, takes center stage, radiating its brilliance across the skies. Envision a mesmerising cosmic duet: the Sun, a luminous luminary, standing alongside the ethereal Moon, a celestial dance that shapes the fabric of time itself.


Picture this: a captivating cosmic duo, where the Sun stands as one of the two luminous stars, the other being the ethereal Moon.


With a flair for fashioning time itself, the Sun commands days, seasons, and years.


As its luminous glow fades, a moment of anticipation dawns, setting the stage for the rituals of the night.


And behold, the Sun makes its triumphant return, casting its golden glow upon us.


We emerge from our slumber, leaving behind the sanctuary of our beds and abodes, stepping into the world to fulfil our daytime dharma.


Global Harmony: Sun, Moon and Earth


Three celestial titans – the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon – stand as pillars of influence that shape our very existence.


Wrapped in its embrace, the Sun showers our planet with radiant energy, warmth and vitality.


Teaming up with the Moon, they partner in perfect sync, orchestrating the captivating dance of the tides.

Meaning of 2023 Leo New Moon


The house that the 2023 Leo New Moon emerges in your chart provides an opportunity for courageous rebirth.


The Courage of Rebirth


Amidst Leo’s realm, courage reigns supreme. It’s the audacity to confront challenges and discomfort, transcending fear – an essential, inescapable facet.


Beyond a mere trait, courage becomes a mindset.


When inner turmoil eclipses external battles, a theatrical choice unfolds – courage or cowardice?


Courage is the ability to take on difficulties and pain, despite the fear. 


Courage is more than a quality of character; it is a state of mind.


When the struggle within is greater than the fight without, the stage is set of the courageous or the coward.


Courageous people choose to move forward. Courage is a result of knowledge of self. It is one’s decision to fight despite danger and consequences.

Inquiry for 2023 Leo New Moon 


1. What house does the New Moon @23° 13’ ♌ Leo appear in your chart?

2. What other symbols, if any, are in this house?

3. What area of your life does this house represent?

4. What symbols in your chart do you have between 20° – 25°?

5. How will you channel courage to infuse joy into the New Moon’s realm in your life?

6. Delve into the essence of joy – what brings it alive in you?

7. What messages have you internalised about ‘your place in the world?’

8. How brightly does your radiance shine?



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