10 Revolutionary Tools for the GlobalWoman Business

Running a global business requires revolutionary tools. As 2015 draws to an end and with January 1 2016 only seven weeks, I wanted to share with you today the 10 tools that revolutionised my business in 2015. Tweet This

  • Evernote Premium: in short, Evernote is my online brain where I store all ideas, images and notes when researching content themes. When I’m out and about and see I want to save or have inspired thoughts, I simply add the idea to the Evernote app on my iPhone or iPad which syncs with the desktop version. I write all my blogs in Evernote. $59.99US per year.
  • Evernote Web Clipper: Web Clipper takes Evernote up a notch. Web Clipper is a browser extension for grabbing, screenshots, articles, PDFs, bookmarks and more. I can tag everything I clip for easy find once it syncs to my Evernote account. Makes content planning, sequencing and scheduling so much easier. Included with Evernote Premium.
  • Acuity: My favourite scheduling software on which I manage seven calendars across two businesses. Running a global business with clients in northern Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East, I can’t begin to wrap my head around how many timezones that includes. Thankfully when clients select their timezone, Acuity automatically syncs it with my availability so I never have to deal with timezone conversion. For each calendar I add a specific intake form for clients to complete when they book their session so I can get up to speed before the session. I can either embed Acuity into my site or send clients a link. Acuity also syncs with my iCalendar or Google calendar and comes in an app. $10US per month.
  • Asana: I’m fairly new to ASANA having previously used Basecamp as my project management tool, so I’m still becoming familiar with all of its functions. To start with, ASANA is beautifully designed which appeals to my Libra ascendant aesthetic. Beyond that, managing a virtual global team it’s imperative that we’re all able to chat, share and track what’s happening in the business easily. ASANA looks to be the solution so far at $21US per month for five members.
  • Ontraport: Email and CRM management. Ontraport is a tool that enables me to publish, market, organise and sell my services on a GlobalWoman scale. Ontraport has so many capabilities which I’m still exploring but I know already the difference between a free email provider and a premium paid service; functionality, analytics and instant customer service support.
  • Skype: With clients across Australia and the world, Skype is my reliable go to tool for national and international meetings. The bonuses are that it’s free and I can record calls.
  • Google Drive: I use Google Drive daily across all my Google accounts. It’s reassuring to know that content is backed up and available at anytime in any location on any device. #globalwomanfriendly
  • Google Docs: I use Google docs when I work with clients to record, collaborate and edit session notes. The suggested edit feature is my favourite as it allows us both to see what’s happening in real time. I can create PDFs, spreadsheets and export files. All great tools have a great app and Google Docs is no exception.
  • Canva: Is a Sydney based start up design tool that solves the problem of creating unique images for your business. With templates custom sized to different social media channels, for the most part CANVA is free, and easy, to use.
  • Webinar Jam: I’m going to be honest with you. Learning how to use Webinar Jam has been a steep learning curve, albeit an exciting one. As yet, I’m still in test mode but anytime I’ll be up running live webinars.

I’d love to hear from you.

Leave a comment below as to your favourite business tools.

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