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We help GlobalWoman Entrepreneurs create, build and automate their online courses and programs.

Welcome, I’m Kathryn, GlobalWoman Creator and Curator


Welcome to the world of GlobalWoman.


At GlobalWoman one of my favourite things in life is seeing women get energised about stepping into their power, moving upward, outward and global to find a life that is theirs.


I believe in your tenacity, commitment, creative intelligence and desire to be one of the world’s GlobalWoman entrepreneurs, leaders and creatives of today and tomorrow.


I believe in your wisdom. 


I believe in the gifts of your unique genius.


I believe in your bravery and courage.


I believe that you are ready to move upward, outward and global. I can help you do that.

7 Continents. 195 Countries. One GlobalWoman World

About You


Whether you identify as a professional, GlobalWoman entrepreneur or passionate hobbyist, I know this to be true about you:


  • You have an idea that you are passionate about sharing
  • You have a skill that you long to teach
  • You embody the hard-earned experience to draw on, and 
  • You have the wisdom to serve and inspire others. 


What you need is the know-how to create, build and automate your online course.


Which is where GlobalWoman comes in.


With a background in education + small business owner + digital marketing specialist, nowadays I work with GlobalWoman entrepreneurs who are ready to share their knowledge and go global.


After all, the online world can be overwhelming if you don’t know how and where to start.


Here’s what I know for sure. 


I know how and where to start to build your online course.


I know how all the moving parts of building an online course fit and work together to build a seamless experience for the user.


I know that I can assist you in creating, building and automating your online course to launch. 🚀

How will you create your online course?



A nine-week program to create, build

& automate your online course.



A 1:1 private program to create, build & automate your online course.

Meet Dr Linda Hartley-Clark, Online Course Creator

The 3 building blocks of an online course

1. Create


We start with testing and researching your course idea to ensure that an audience exists who needs and wants your online course.


Then we move onto planning, organising and creating the course curriculum.

2. Build


The deep dive into the nuts and bolts of building out your course.


We look at the pros and cons of course delivery platforms, such as Teachable, Thinkific, Teachery + how to build your course sales page.

3. Automate


Now we map out, connect and test all the moving parts of your payment gateway, course software and email marketing to ensure a seamless user experience for your students.


Get ready to LAUNCH 🚀

Meet Marcia B,

Online Course Creator


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Choose your online course creation pathway



A nine-week program to create, build

& automate your online course.



A 1:1 private program to create, build & automate your online course.