Embracing Celestial Shifts: Gemini New Moon, Saturn in Pisces Retrograde and Cancer Season

In the GlobalWoman World, we delve into the realms of creative entrepreneurship, embracing a life of simplicity, beauty, and boundless creativity. Here, we traverse the wheel of the calendar year, observe the cycles of the moon, and champion the indomitable spirit of the GlobalWoman Entrepreneur.

Hello, luminous friend x  mid-year and this week there are 4 events unfolding.


  1. New Moon @26° 42′ Gemini
  2. Retrograde Saturn in Pisces
  3. Cancer Season, 2023
  4. June Solstice 2023

Event #1: New Moon @26° 42 Gemini

As I write on June 18th, 2023 the New Moon has emerged at 26° 42′ Gemini, signifying a fresh cycle of reimagining communication in our inner dialogue, with others, and in our perception of the world around us. 


What desires within you are eager to find expression?

Event #2: Retrograde #1 of Saturn in Pisces

Simultaneously on June 18th, our dear frenemy Saturn in Pisces has begun its first retrograde journey of 2023 at 7°13′ Pisces. This retrograde motion will persist until November 4th, 2023, when Saturn goes direct at 0° 31′ Pisces.


It might feel as if you’re restarting the Saturn in Pisces the transit all over again.


The presence of Saturn in retrograde on Earth can be overwhelming, but fortunately, you have more than four months to navigate through it.


Remember, it’s not inherently good or bad, but rather an opportunity to work with what you have.


Working with Saturn Retrograde in Pisces involves embracing introspection. Saturn symbolises discipline, responsibility, and structure, while Pisces is associated with spirituality, intuition, and sensitivity.


During this retrograde period, reflect upon your beliefs, boundaries, and emotional well-being. Take this chance to reassess your long-term goals and the structures in your life, ensuring they align with your deeper spiritual and emotional needs.


While retrogrades can sometimes be challenging, they also provide avenues for growth and self-reflection.


If you desire to transform your Saturn in Pisces frenemy into a friend, GlobalWoman’s LUMINOUS Wonder magazine is always available to shed light on your path and inspire possibilities.


Feel free to explore our 215-page guide on Saturn in Pisces. 

Events #3 & #4: June Solstice + Cancer Season


This week we also welcome the arrival of the June Solstice and Cancer Season on June 22nd UTC.


The Sun’s entry into Cancer marks this occasion. In traditional astrology, Cancer represents themes of motherhood, home, and ancestral roots.


As a water sign, Cancer is often associated with nurturing and emotional qualities. Just as the crab carries its own house, Cancer teaches us to navigate the duality between our inner and outer worlds. It guides us to discern when to explore and when to retreat.


Cancer serves as a portal for securely anchoring your home in both the inner and outer realms.


The Solstice, a significant event signifying the change of seasons, arrives.


In the Northern Hemisphere, it heralds the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year and the beginning of summer. Festivals, vacations, and summer events are likely on your agenda.


In the Southern Hemisphere, it denotes the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year and the onset of winter. In Sydney, where I currently reside, the sun shines brightly, but the air carries a cooler touch.


The Solstice (derived from ‘sol,’ meaning SUN, and ‘stice,’ meaning POINT) holds powerful energetic significance. It is often associated with renewal, transformation, and setting intentions for the upcoming season.


Overall, we are entering a period of profound introspection, transformation, and intention-setting for the future.


Friend, embrace the energy of these celestial events and utilise them as opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery, here on earth.


As always, if you have questions, comments, or insights, leave a comment below.


I’m here with a blanket across my knees.

Warm regards,

Kathryn x


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