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What a week. I know today is Sunday (in Sydney at least) but this is the first real uninterrupted time I’ve had to sit down and write to you. I promise to keep this blog short. Today is glorious in Sydney – a real summer’s day so soon I’ll be heading out for a swim.

Given that today is Valentine’s Day I wanted to share this with you quickly.

I’ve just arrived home from my parents where last night we had a small celebration to celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary. The actual date was February 12th but my dad took my mum out on a lunch date which he does each anniversary.

Over dinner last night, at the bowling club no less, I asked my mother what relationship advice she’d give people. Her reply? ‘You have to work at it”. #mumwisdom

We have to work at all our relationships, whether they be intimate relationships with beloveds or evolving friendships. I cherish my friendships with my close girlfriends and I work at maintaining the integrity and connection of each one of them.

What are you cultivating for the long-term?

Before I left this morning, my mother asked me to cut some roses from the garden for her. My parents have lived at their home for 59 of their 61 years of married life and have cultivated a beautiful garden together which they first planted when they moved in, and both still maintain. #inspiration #cultivate

Above is a photo of the roses. They are for you.

Enjoy a wonderful day, full of love.

Kathryn x

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  • Ally Thomas

    March 9, 2017 at 11:29 am Reply

    Thanks Yamini. The beautiful pink roses are an empowering symbol of love – conditional or unconditional. Thanks also for your inspiring words. And sharing your mum’s wisdom.
    In the words of the Beatles “All you need is love” <3

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