The GlobalWoman Entrepreneur

Exploring, evolving and embodying a new business world

With over half of small businesses to be run by female entrepreneurs in 2018, the GlobalWoman Entrepreneur mission is to foster participation and success via business education, coaching and mentoring. 

In the crowded online world of copycat business, digital marketing jargon and endless funnel formulas the GlobalWoman Entrepreneur is the woman who is ready to

stand out without selling out.

The GlobalWoman Entrepreneur knows there is another way ~ everyday she commits to co-creating a new business culture.

She knows that there’s a way of doing business that doesn’t involve scarcity, predatory marketing behaviours and building authority over others, aka patriarchy.

She isn’t going to betray her core values as she builds and grows her business.

The GlobalWoman Entrepreneur is the woman ready to blaze her own business trail as she explores, evolves and embodies her superpowers.

The GlobalWoman Entrepreneur is ready to move

upward, outward and global.

The GlobalWoman Entrepreneur provides income and opportunities for herself and family, employment for those in her communities, and products and services that bring new value to the world around them.

The GlobalWoman Entrepreneur provides income and opportunities for herself and family, employment for those in her communities, and products and services that bring new value to the world around them.


We deliver tailored business training, coaching and mentoring to the GlobalWoman Entrepreneur to support their business to grow sustainably and achieve scale.

Unique to this program is the focus on business continuity and risk management to equip the GlobalWoman Entrepreneur with the skills and tools needed to sustain her enterprise through times of instability.

We understand that the entire business process is important because it signals the extent to which there is growth at all phases.


Firm Birth



Potential GlobalWoman Entrepreneur

Exploring opportunities, knowledge and skills

Budding GlobalWoman Entrepreneur

Involved in setting up a business

Established GlobalWoman Entrepreneur

Operational business up to 3.5 years

Expansion GlobalWoman Entrepreneur

Operational business more 3.5 years+


GlobalWoman Entrepreneurs have many faces and are found running all different kinds of businesses in varying locations across the globe. 

What they each have in common is a desire to move onward, upward and global to find a life that is hers. 

Beáta Alföldi ~ Medicine Woman & Spiritual Catalyst

Beáta Alföldi ~ Medicine Woman & Spiritual Catalyst

“My experience of working with Yamini was deeply empowering. Yamini gave me the tools and insights to move my business to the next level. She was always encouraging and super supportive – as I grew through our work together, so did my business. Through working with Yamini, I’ve come to a deeper level of self-worth and awareness of the true value of my work. This is reflected in every area of my life. I cannot recommend Yamini enough to other business owners and entrepreneurs wanting to expand and up-level their business.“

Ready to Embody your GlobalWoman Entrepreneur?

I work with women entrepreneurs who are ready to embody their GlobalWoman Entrepreneur, regardless of where they are at on the business cycle.


You can choose from a one-off meeting or the GlobalWoman Entrepreneur program – a hybrid of one-on-one intensive coaching, training and mentoring.

To inquire about the GlobalWoman Entrepreneur program I offer a 45 minute complimentary no obligation connect call.


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Women’s Entrepreneurship 2016/2017 Report

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor

The GlobalWoman Entrepreneur



“In 2016, an estimated 163 million women were starting or running new businesses in 74 economies around the world.


In addition, an estimated 111 million were running established businesses.


This not only shows the impact of women entrepreneurs across the globe, but highlights their contributions to the growth and well-being of their societies.


Women entrepreneurs create value for their societies in many different ways.


When they self-employ, they create a source of income for themselves and their families, often involving other value network participants who benefit from their work.


Those who
 endeavor to grow and employ others create jobs in their communities and beyond.


Innovative entrepreneurs bring new solutions
 to market, with new sources of value that have not been offered by competing options.


In venturing beyond their national borders, internationalizing entrepreneurs contribute to their economy’s global competitiveness.


Finally, women entrepreneurs play critical roles in a diverse mix of industries.”

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