3 Lessons for the Creative GlobalWoman Entrepreneur

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Hello, luminous friend. Welcome to GlobalWoman where we talk about creative entrepreneurship, living simply, beautifully, and creatively, circling the calendar wheel, the lunar cycles, and the GlobalWoman Entrepreneur.


This week I met with one of my favorite people in the world.


Big call, I know.


Aside from being a wonderful true friend, he’s also a very successful businessman, coming from a long tradition of global traders and retail merchants.


Anyways, D and I met because if I’m honest with you friend, I was in a bit of a downtime funk.


After weeks of creating LUMINOUS Wonder, Saturn in Pisces, I was physically exhausted and emotionally overwhelmed. And yet now, I had to ride the wave of marketing the guide to a global audience.


David reminded me of PPM, 3 business principles that he always returns to:


  1. The product
  2. The price
  3. The market


I had the product. I set the price*.


And now, I needed to hone in on the market. Well, so I thought.


*David gently suggested that I had the price too high for the market. He talked about the challenges with the current global economy and how it impacts people’s everyday lives and purchasing decisions.

After all, $99 is essentially $100.


I identify as a creative entrepreneur, and being emotionally invested in the product that I created, I heard his words defensively.


I asked D what he would set the price to which he replied $59.99 as a guide.


D advised me to step back and look at the big picture, instead of where I was which was stuck in the minutiae.


My attachment to the product held firm, yet, I had just enough inner bandwidth for me to say that I would sleep on his suggestion.


After all, I am a firm believer in the healing power of a restful night’s sleep.


The next day, rested, and alert from morning coffee and post morning pages, I returned to considering the pricepoint of LUMINOUS Wonder, Saturn in Pisces


TO MY GREAT SURPRISE, $49.99 appeared.


$50 less than the original price point, yet I felt congruent and surprisingly excited with the new price of $49.99.


At the beginning of this year, I made a commitment to fair global pricing where I could.


About Fair Global Pricing 


What that means, is that instead of charging $49.99 USD for people outside of the US, I would set local prices.


At this stage, GlobalWoman accepts the following currencies for LUMINOUS Wonder, Saturn in Pisces:


  1. AUD $49.99
  2. Brazilian Real 99
  3. British Pound £
  4. Canadian $49.99
  5. EU €33
  6. Indian Rupee ₨1340.00
  7. NZD $49.99
  8. Nigerian ₦ 7,695.86
  9. Mexican ₱300.00
  10. Singapore $45.00
  11. South African ZAR 320.00
  12. USD $49.99


About LUMINOUS Wonder, Saturn in Pisces 2023 – 2026


LUMINOUS Wonder is a one-of-a-kind 215-page magazine to track and embody your creative renaissance Saturn in Pisces 2023 – 2026 journey.

On March 8th, 2023, the planet Saturn, after three years in the air sign of Aquarius, entered the sign of Pisces, which it will remain in until February 15th, 2026.


Saturn and Pisces. Earth and Water. Pragmatist and Visionary.


How will this transit play out in your life? Only time will tell, which is accurate given that Saturn rules time.


At 200 pages+, LUMINOUS Wonder contains all the information you need as Transiting Saturn moves degree by degree, and month-by-month, through Pisces, activating a specific house in your chart.


  • Section 1: The Intro, including the 6-hour LUMINOUS Wonder Playlist
  • Section 2: Your Astro is where we do the work of creating your chart, the GlobalWoman way
  • Section 3: Saturn, the Planet
  • Section 4: Pisces the Sign
  • Section 5: Saturn and Pisces Meet
  • Section 6: The Journey (2023/2024/2025/2026)
  • Section 7: Resources
  • BONUS + Join Monthly LUMINOUS Calls

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