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GlobalWoman is an online community for socially aware creatives + entrepreneurs for networking, learning and collaborating for the world we need now.


Inside our World, women are living lives and co-creating a world that centre creativity, pleasure, building relationships and communities, embodied spirituality, inner strength, love, compassion, connection, play, the blood mysteries and much more. 

To access GlobalWoman you will need a paid membership. That’s the exchange that allows us to continue showcasing and championing all the women across the world who are finding a life that is theirs.

“There comes a time in every woman’s life where she has to decide to change herself to fit the world or change the world.”

A world where she…

Makes magic.

Cultivates relationships.

Values connections.

Cares for herself, her communities and her planet.

Centres female-created content.

Honours the First Nations peoples of all lands.

Undermines the patriarchy.

Does the work of dismantling our white supremacy.

Decolonises her body, mind and life.

Looks to cyclical time as her guide.

Creates, co-creates and collaborates.

Manifests and prospers.

Explores the world to learn what the world needs now.

…changes the world.


Meet GlobalWoman Insiders


Become a GlobalWoman Insider

For $29USD per month or $319USD per year you will have access to all our content, community and partners for the world you need now.


GlobalWoman Insiders gain access to all connections, communities and conversations for the world you need now.


You’ll network with socially-aware creatives, currently based in North America, England and Australia who are co-creating the world we need now.


Discussions and learning happen inside GlobalWoman Communities and Conversations:


  • Astrology beyond Patriarchy and Gender
  • Business for GlobalWoman Entrepreneurs
  • Dismantling Patriarchy and White Supremacy (they go hand in hand)
  • Exploring and Evolving Self-Care (we know that self-care doesn’t cost anything)
  • Who we’re Reading, Listening and Watching (all female-centred and female-created)

Additionally, you receive access to courses* created for GW Insiders. *Note that access to some courses require payment.


As a GlobalWoman Insider, you will have access to all resources our World has to offer.


  • Collaborate and exchange big ideas and small ideas about power, patriarchy, white supremacy and its impact and harm, equality, justice, astrology, the lunar-cycle, self-care, business, capitalism, the marketplace our planet and so much more.
  • The GlobalWoman Book Club where each month we centre female-created and centred content. Starting November 23rd, we’re reading Octavia Butler’s KIndred.
  • The GlobalWoman Insiders directory.

Meet More GlobalWoman Insiders


Connections, communities and conversations for the world we need now

Exploring Astrology beyond Patriarchy and Gender

Dismantling Patriarchy and White Supremacy

Exploring and Evolving Self-Care

Business for GlobalWoman Entrepreneurs

Who we’re Listening to, Reading & Watching

Your questions. Our answers.

I’m not an entrepreneur but I still want to join the GlobalWoman World

Inside GlobalWoman, our communities and conversations are created around:

Business for GlobalWoman Entrepreneurs

Dismantling White Supremacy and Patriarchy

Exploring Astrology beyond Patriarchy and Whiteness

Exploring and Evolving Self-Care

Who We’re Listening to, Reading and Watching

If or more of those conversations interest you, GlobalWoman is the world for you. Each community has its own weekly event; each event is recorded and uploaded to the members’ area.

Inside we welcome all women who are identify as creatives, connectors and contributors who want to find a life that is theirs.

All women are welcome, inclusive of the diversity of bodies, genders, sexualities and relationships, and welcoming of trans, genderqueer, non-binary, and cis women.

Who are the GW Partners?

Our current members tell us, and we ask, the support they need in their lives and/or businesses. From there we seek out potential GW Partners who are carefully vetted and trusted leaders in their fields. 

Leaders in website branding and builds, legal matters, Xero, book-keeping and accounting, Astrology, decluttering, creativity and much more.

All GW Partners create special offerings that are only available to GlobalWoman Insiders.

If I sign-up for the monthly membership, when will I be charged again?

Your credit card will be charged $29USD every 30 days from your sign-up date.

What happens after I sign-up?

After you sign-up you will be redirected to a page with your Insider instructions.

Meet More GlobalWoman Insiders