To Shell or Not to Shell?

June 22nd ~ Sun enters Cancer until July 24th

Ruler of Cancer ~ The Moon

Cancer Themes

Element ~ Water
Symbol ~ The Crab
Associated Archetype ~ The Mother
Glyph – ♋️

The crab is used to describe the sign of Cancer because it carries its own house with it.

As with Gemini’s dual nature, we experience a different kind of duality with Cancer; managing the duality of the inner and outer worlds just as the Crab has to.  

Knowing when to explore the world and know when to retreat.

Cancer is the portal to securely anchoring your home; both in the inner and outer worlds. 


Evolving and Sustaining the Cancer Narrative

Traditional astrology speaks to Cancer as the sign of the mother, the home, and our ancestral roots. The sign is deemed to be a ‘feminine principle’ and usually women receive the projection of being tasked to perform the culturally assigned roles of being born female.

Sensitive, Moody, Maternal, Nurturer.

Cancer, ruled by the Moon, speaks to phases, cycles, reproduction and birthing. It speaks to protection and how we care for others; care, protect, nurture ourself, families, our communities and our earth. 

Cancer asks where is your home, refuge, sanctuary and shelter?

For as long as our ancestors have walked the earth, humans have always sought shelter and safety from the storms of life. Seeking out safe spaces to sleep, eat, love and live is a universal truth. 

From our ancestors doing whatever was needed to stay alive until now, our understanding of ‘Home’ has expanded yet not always evolved. Our lives are radically different to our ancestors, hence our homes need to be as well. 

Yet the question remains, as it did for our ancestors, how do we all live together harmoniously and share resources on our home, planet earth?

What is the purpose of your self-care? Is it to do this for all of our lives, not just yours?

Cancer ~ Sustaining You

Since January 1st you’ve been busy, focused and steady as you explore and manifest the desires you hold for yourself in 2019. After the busyness of the Gemini cycle, most likely you’re now ready for deep rest in your beautiful home on a comfortable bed.

Rest is key to sustaining you in 2019.

Thankfully the Sun enters Cancer on June 22nd. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is all watery and nurturing. You’ll want to tune into your body and feelings as opposed to jumping out of bed, head first into the day Gemini style.

Given that the Crab rules Cancer, you’ll be tempted to stay home and hide beneath your shell. Do it. Once the Sun enters shiny Leo in a few weeks, you’ll need vast energy reserves in supply. Now’s the time to do just that. Use the time of Cancer to check in with yourself:

What will you need to sustain yourself for the remainder of 2019?

  • How will you care for yourself?
  • Is your home nourishing?
  • Do I have the necessary self-care rituals in place?*
    • Saving more and spending less
    • Showing up early
    • Waking up earlier instead of rushing
    • Nourishing your body
    • Listening to understand, not to respond
    • Nurturing your healthy bonds
    • Making tough decisions
    • Healing relationships with women in your life
    • Knowing your boundaries and maintaining them

Important Cancer Dates

  • 25th June – Last Quarter Moon
  • 2nd/3rd July – New Moon + Solar Eclipse at 10° 38’ Cancer
  • 9th/10th July – First Quarter Moon at 16° 58′ Libra
  • 16th/17th July – Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse at 24° 4’ Capricorn

Last-Quarter Moon Times

  • London – 25th June 9.48 am
  • NYC – 25th June, 4:48am
  • Sydney – 25th June, 6:48pm
  • Singapore – 25th June, 4:48pm
  • Lagos – 25th June, 9 48am
  • Rome – June 25th 10:48am
  • Rio de Janeiro – June 25th, 5:48am
  • Mumbai – June 25th, 2:18pm
  • Copenhagen – June 25th, 10:48am
  • Beirut – June 25th, 11:48am

I release out-of-date visions and tolerations about my home. I manage resting and doing harmoniously.

New Moon + Solar Eclipse Times

  • London – 2nd July, 7:18 pm
  • NYC – 2nd July, 2:18pm
  • Sydney – 3rd July, 4:18am
  • Singapore – 3rd July, 2:18am
  • Lagos – 2nd July, 7:18pm
  • Rome – 2nd July, 8:18pm
  • Rio de Janeiro – 2nd July, 3:18pm
  • Mumbai – 2nd July, 11:48pm
  • Copenhagen – 2nd July, 8:18pm
  • Beirut – 2nd July, 9:18pm

Resting in darkness, I tune into my intuition to bring forth and seed big ideas. I envision and create a home that nourishes me, and keeps me safe.


First Quarter Moon Times

  • London – 9th July 10.55 pm
  • NYC – 9th July, 5:55pm
  • Sydney – 10th July, 7:55am
  • Singapore – 10th July, 5:55am
  • Lagos – 9th July, 10:55pm
  • Rome – 9th July, 10:55pm
  • Rio de Janeiro – 9th July, 6:55pm
  • Mumbai – 10th July, 3:25am
  • Copenhagen – 9th July, 10:55pm
  • Beirut – 10th July, 12:55am

I create a beautiful, sensual home that is my temple and I revel in it.


Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse Times

  • London – 16th July, 9:39pm
  • NYC – 16th July, 4:39pm
  • Sydney – 17th July, 6:39am
  • Singapore – 17th July, 4:39am
  • Lagos – 16th July, 9:39pm
  • Rome – 16th July, 10:39pm
  • Rio de Janeiro – 16th July, 5:39pm
  • Mumbai – 17th July, 2:09am
  • Copenhagen – 16th July, 10:39pm
  • Beirut – 16th July, 11:39pm

I nurture and illuminate my ambitions.


Warsan Shire “Home”

no one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark you only run for the border when you see the whole city running as well

your neighbors running faster than you breath bloody in their throats the boy you went to school with who kissed you dizzy behind the old tin factory is holding a gun bigger than his body you only leave home when home won’t let you stay.

no one leaves home unless home chases you fire under feet hot blood in your belly it’s not something you ever thought of doing until the blade burnt threats into your neck and even then you carried the anthem under your breath only tearing up your passport in an airport toilet sobbing as each mouthful of paper made it clear that you wouldn’t be going back.

no one chooses refugee camps or strip searches where your body is left aching or prison, because prison is safer than a city of fire and one prison guard in the night is better than a truckload of men who look like your father no one could take it no one could stomach it no one skin would be tough enough

the go home blacks refugees dirty immigrants asylum seekers sucking our country dry niggers with their hands out they smell strange savage messed up their country and now they want to mess ours up how do the words the dirty looks roll off your backs maybe because the blow is softer than a limb torn off

or the words are more tender than fourteen men between your legs or the insults are easier to swallow than rubble than bone than your child’s body in pieces. i want to go home, but home is the mouth of a shark home is the barrel of the gun and no one would leave home unless home chased you to the shore unless home told you to quicken your legs leave your clothes behind crawl through the desert wade through the oceans drown save be hunger beg forget pride your survival is more important

no one leaves home until home is a sweaty voice in your ear saying — leave, run away from me now i dont know what i’ve become but i know that anywhere is safer than here

Full Moon Painting ~ Monica Pina
Mother India ~ Amrita Sher-Gil
Lucy ~ Leanne Pearce
Conversation Piece ~ Vanessa Bell
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