Gathering Resources to Radical Self-Expression

May 22nd ~ Sun enters Gemini until June 21st

Ruler of Gemini ~ Mercury ☿

Gemini Themes

Mercurial, communication, versatile, brainstorming, quick-witted, charming, social, inventive, self-expression, flexible

  • Element ~ Air
  • Symbol ~ Twins
  • Associated God ~ Hermes
  • Glyph – ♊️

The twin pillars are bound together, connecting heaven and earth, suggesting that the link between these worlds is to be found in the human mind.

Gemini is your communication portal to finding a life that is yours. 

The Gemini Myth

The origins of Gemini are first found in the creation myths of the Palaeolithic era (40,000 years ago); myths that came about as a means to exploring and understanding the environment of the earth and world our ancestors found themselves in.

Myths that explored the concept of dualities – inhale/exhale, hold/release, earth/sky, day/night, birth/death, woman/man, peace/war.

The symbol of ‘Twins’ has been found in art and myth, spanning cultures. From Turkey to Egypt to Mycenae to India to Mayan culture, twins emerge in all forms to represent life’s dual mysteries.

In Ancient Rome, we find the Roman God Hermes associated with Mercury, ruler of Gemini. Hermes, the only being who could go down into the underworld and return without paying a price, is a psychopomp and trickster. He is a guide to souls and bringer of inspiration, god of crossroads and passageways, bridging the conscious and unconscious worlds. 


Gemini ~ Time to be fearless darling.

After the steadfastness of earthy Taurus, the transition of the Sun into airy Gemini brings quick thinking for quick-footed action. Nearly six months into 2019, what you’ll need to be mindful of now is Gemini’s endless capacity for distraction.

Ideas abound and you’ll want to chase each one’s tail. Please don’t.

Yet with the mind moving so quickly, use this time to harness the mental power of Gemini to bring your BIG ideas to life.

Do a quick review of your 2019 plans; what needs input and energy from you?

During the Sun transiting through Gemini, explore your voice:

  • What do you want to say?
  • How do you want to say it?
  • What mediums will you use? 

If you’ve been holding yourself back due to self-talk, now’s the time to be FEARLESS.

Words have power. Use your voice.


Go out into the world darling; Speak. Teach. Write. Brag. Self-promote. Explore. Shine. Take up space. And then take up more space. Be bold.

Gemini’s gifts are its capacity for agile thinking and quick corrections. Gemini’s weakness is its capacity for shallowness, fickleness and distraction.

To assist with managing peak Gemini, practice this mantra: “I am not this thought, and this thought is not I.”

Gemini SuperPowers

  • Speaking truth to power with integrity.
  • Exploring and expanding the realms of the mind
  • What is your truth? 
  • Creative use of intelligence and logic
  • Radical self-expression
  • Clarity and alignment of thought and expression
  • Exploring your dual nature – body/mind, introvert/extrovert, light/dark, yin/yang, day/night, order/chaos

Watch out for

    • Mindless talking
    • Following every thought
    • Over-talking and interrupting
    • Indecisiveness, confusion and procrastination due to absorbing too much information
    • Judging others and not owning your projections
    • Believing that you have nothing to learn 
    • Observe who you defer to
    • Using language that builds authority to have power over others

Important Gemini Dates

  • 26th/27th May – Last Quarter Moon at 5°9′ Pisces
  • 3rd June – New Moon at 12°34′ Gemini
  • Global New Moon Times: 
        • London 3rd June, 10.03 am
        • NYC – 3rd June, 5:03am
        • Sydney – 3rd June, 7:03pm
        • Singapore – 3rd June, 5:03pm
        • Lagos – 3rd June, 10:03am
        • Rome – 3rd June, 11:03am
        • Rio de Janeiro – 3rd June, 6:03am
        • Mumbai – 3rd June, 2:33pm
        • Copenhagen – 3rd June, 11:03am
        • Beirut – 3rd June, 12:03pm
  • 10th June – First Quarter Moon at 19° 6′ Virgo
  • 17th June – Full Moon at 25° 33′ Sagittarius

Gemini is the purrfect time for…

    • Purring – if Taurus season was purring season for the sensuous body, Gemini season is the mind purring. 
    • Spontaneity
    • All big ideas start with a single thought so pay attention to those ‘crystal clear’ thoughts; keep a notebook handy to jot them down
    • Following mindless distractions for creative ends
    • Exploring the Advaita Vedanta self-inquiry meditations, regarded as the classic path to realisation.

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