The Revolution of a Broken Heart

Last week in Sydney I attended a Female Founders Panel from General Assembly + Women’s Agenda, Angela Priestly, founder of Women’s Agenda, was interviewing four inspiring entrepreneurs on their startup journeys and beyond.

Angela started the conversation by asking:

“What was the turning point in starting your own business?”

The responses ranged from being diagnosed with breast cancer to having to place a value on what salary range one was anticipating in a new job.

The question got me thinking; what had been my turning point?

A couple of years ago I was in a bad way. A loving relationship had ended suddenly and badly. I was brokenhearted, desperately sad and adrift. Not knowing how and what I was going to make of my life on my own.

As a coping mechanism I resorted to a rebound relationship. A three way relationship that involved my lounge, endless vodka and me. Like all new relationships the first few weeks, I was infatuated. Days were spent waking late, eating little and drinking early.

Not always in that order.

Business and work fell by the wayside as I spent time ‘pining’, all the while descending into a bad mess. The new relationship was going nowhere fast, but my suffering and I were hanging in there due to the heartache and loss I was feeling.

A few weeks of this and, as life is want to do, I had an epiphany: “Why was I spending my life pining over a man who had made it clear he wasn’t going to be with me?” And who clearly didn’t want anything to do with me?

And it was in that moment that I made the decision to never spend another moment of my life thinking about him.

And there it was. The turning point. The jewel in the heartache. The get up and go moment.

I picked myself up, threw the vodka out and washed that man well and truly out of my hair and prioritised getting my groove back.

Took a deep breath and got to organising said receipts to get up to date with tax. It was then that I had to make a real choice – get a job or commit to going pro with my business, which up until that moment I had been half-hearted about.

Given that I’d always been self-employed, getting a job seemed an unlikely option. Not because I couldn’t, but rather the 9-5 just didn’t fit with my personality type.

So going pro was the only choice, but the priority had to be that I totally engage with my business. I realised (finally!) that it was up to me to create the highest expression of my life possible, and I had all the inner resources to do so.

Simply put, it was time to revolutionise my business. And my life.

I invested in training. I placed a huge book order with Amazon to get the latest books on entrepreneurship and business. I committed to one networking event weekly and hustled strategically and consciously. I setup a weekly mastermind group with fellow entrepreneurs.

After a few months, remarkable things began to happen.

  • I NEVER EVER thought about him but hold a lot of love in my heart for him
  • I experienced more everyday joy and to my surprise, found it easy to let go of sadness.
  • I had an enormous amount of energy available to me which had previously been projected onto the man.
  • The long postponed back taxes had been sorted and resolved.
  • I began the process of getting financially fit and physically fit.
  • I started to work with amazing GlobalWoman
  • I doubled my income.
  • I decided to live a revolutionary life.
  • I arrived here. #GlobalWoman

I’d love to hear from you as to what’s your turning point? Leave a comment below and share the love. Thank you x


Kathryn x

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