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1. How to create a free account on Astro.com

2. How to add your birth data and create your chart

3. How to find Inanna in your birth chart


Course Content Dates


Course materials will be released on the course page at 8 am PST:


1. Week 1: Tuesday, April 30th

2. Week 2: Tuesday, May 7th

3. Week 3: Tuesday, May 14th

4. Week 4: Tuesday, May 21st


Live Calls between Calls 1 & 2 and 3 & 4

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Pre-Inanna’s Creation Myth

Geographical Backdrop of Sumer


Sumer is the earliest known civilisation, located in the historical region of southern Mesopotamia, now south-central Iraq.


Sumeria flourished between c. 4100-1750 BCE.


The civilisation grew up along the banks of two great rivers, the Euphrates and the Tigris.


Living along the fertile valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, Sumerian farmers grew an abundance of grain and other crops, a surplus that enabled them to form urban settlements.


Astrology in Sumeria


As far as we know the Sumerians were the first to study the actions of planets, stars, and the Moon, recognising styles and their correlation with earthly occasions.


The Sumerians believed celestial bodies were divine entities influencing human destiny and earthly affairs.


The Sumerians knew of seven objects in the heavens because they were bright enough to be easily visible to the naked eye:


1. Sun

2. Moon

3. Mercury

4. Venus

5. Mars

6. Jupiter

7. Saturn


Uranus was the next planet to be discovered, 5000 years later in 1781 with a telescope.

Week 1 – Meet Inanna


What we know about Inanna

Inanna was born of divine parents and descended to earth.


Her father was the Moon God, Nanna and her mother the Moon Goddess, Ningal.


Inanna is believed to have first appeared in the historical record, on a vase, in about 3000 BC.


Inanna's stories:


• The Huluppu Tree

• Inanna and the God of Wisdom

• The Courtship of Inanna and Dumuzi

• The Descent of Inanna


Inanna's name in cuneiform sign is 𒈹

The Huluppu-Tree


In the first days, in the very first days,

In the first nights, in the very first nights,

In the first years, in the very first year,

Week 2 – Inanna’s Themes

Week 3 – Inanna in Your Chart

Week 4 – Integration