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Aries Embodied | Wild and Brave Women

The root word for bravery is the Italian word "bravo," which means "bold"

Brave Aries Vs. Courageous Leo



The etymology of bravery traces back to the Italian word “bravo,” once synonymous with “bold” and “wild.” In its essence, bravery encompasses the ability to face danger and adversity without succumbing to fear.


Bravery is a trait embodied with Aries, reflecting the primal courage encoded within its archetype.


Bravery is the ability to confront danger, even pain, under pressure without fear.


Being brave is an absolute strength of character that allows people to, at least, seem fearless in the face of danger. It doesn’t matter whether they are bigger than the crisis, or the crisis is bigger than them – brave people move forward because it’s in their genes, DNA, and blood. 


Courage, often linked with radiant Leo epitomises the willingness to confront obstacles and endure pain despite fear.


Courage emanates from a profound understanding of oneself and a resolute decision to persevere in the face of adversity.


Courage is a state of mind. When the struggle within is greater than the fight without, the stage is set for the courageous or the coward.


Courage is a result of knowledge of self. It is one’s decision to fight despite danger and consequences.

• brave actions lack the aspect of fear.

• courageous acts are in the presence of fear.

Wild and Brave


Meet the wild and brave women of Herstory, who exemplify the fearless pursuit of their creative visions.

Stevie Nicks – Aries 1st House


• DOB: May 26th 1948

• Aries rules her 1st house ♈️

• Ascendant @18° 36’ Aries ♈️

• Pallas Athene @29° 42’ Aries ♈️

Fave GlobalWoman Stevie Nicks’s song is Moonlight


Elizabeth 1 – Aries 4th House


• DOB: September 7th 1533

• Aries rules her 4th House ♈️

• Chiron @8° ♈️ Aries

• Lilith @10° ♈️ Aries

• National Portrait Gallery London

Georgia O’Keeffe – 5th House Aries

• DOB: November 15th 1887 – Scorpio Sun

• Aries rules her 5th House ♈️

• Ceres @10° 59’ ♈️ Aries

• Juno@16° 51’ ♈️ Aries

Lilith @20° 50’ ♈️ Aries



• Photo of Georgia O’Keeffe by Paul Strand 1918

Nawal El Saadawi – Aries 7th House


Nadal El Saadawi (1931 – 2021) was an Egyptian secularist, feminist, humanitarian, global activist, physician, psychiatrist, and author of over 50 books.




Nawal wrote books on the subject of liberation of all women, paying particular attention to banning the practice of female and male circumcision. 


She also campaigned against women wearing the veil, polygamy and inequality in Islamic inheritance rights between men and women.


Nawal wrote her autobiography ‘The Daughter of Isis’ in 1999. 


In Nawal’s chart, Isis is at 0° Libra. 


On March 21st 2021, the day of Nawal’s passing, the Sun was at 0° Aries in direct opposition to her Isis at 0° Libra.

Amanda Gorman – Aries 8th House



• DOB: March 7th, 1998 

• Aries rules her 8th House ♈️

Mars @2° 36’ ♈️ Aries

• Ceres @6° 17’ ♈️ Aries

Saturn @18° 53’ ♈️ Aries

Malala – Aries 8th House


• DOB: July 12th 1997

• Aries rules her 8th House ♈️

Saturn @20° ♈️ Aries

• Vesta @24° 20 ♈️ Aries

Solange – Aries 9th House



• DOB: June 24th, 1986

• Aries rules her 9th House

• Vesta @8° 42 ♈️ Aries

• North Node @27° 38’ ♈️ Aries

Joan of Arc – 10th House Aries



• Aries rules her 10th House

• DOB: January 6th 1412 (agreed to be the most accurate)

• The Mid-Heaven (aka MC) the highest point in the chart is at 9° 40’ ♈️ Aries

• Painting by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, ‘Joan of Arc on Coronation of Charles VII in the Cathedral of Reims’ in 1854. The painting is in the Louvre Museum in Paris. (Image credit: Public domain)

“I am not afraid… 

I was born to do this.”

Amrita Sher-Gill – 11th House Aries

Sleep, 1932, oil on canvas 112.5 × 79 cm, National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi


• Hungarian Indian Painter 1913 – 1941

• DOB: January 30th, 1913

• Aries rules her 11th House ♈️

• North Node @4° 51’ ♈️ Aries


Lupita Nyong’o – Mars, Vesta and Venus in Aries



• Born in Mexico of Kenyan parentage and lineage.

• DOB: March 1st 1983

• Birth time unknown 

• Mars @3° 39 ♈️ Aries

• Vesta @3 56’ ♈️ Aries

• Venus @8° 26° ♈️ Aries

Greta Thunberg


• DOB: January 3rd 2003

Birth time unknown

Ceres @8° 32’ ♈️ Aries

Lilith @25°47’ ♈️ Aries

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