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• Aquarius Season Dates: January 21st – February 20th

• Ruler of Aquarius – Uranus

• Element – Air

• Symbol – Water Bearer

• Glyph – ♒️

Your Brilliant Genius


As the Sun ingresses into Aquarius on January 21st be prepared for a season of change, revolution, and brilliance.


Air spirit Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, is revolutionary, electric and brilliant. During Aquarius Season, you can either choose to be awake or AWAKE.


Asleep is not an option.


If there is a time of the year to explore failure, the next 29 days when the Sun is in Aquarius is the time. Be prepared to fail fast and fail often and then look for the gifts in the lessons.

The True Meaning of Aquarius


Aquarius means “water carrier,” from the Latin aqua meaning “water.” The Aquarius glyph usually depicts the symbol of Aquarius, two squiggly lines representing waves of water.

Aquarius and Leo


Aquarius sits on the astrology axis with Leo. Therefore, when the Sun is in Aquarius, the Full-Moon is always in Leo.

Uranus as Ruler of Aquarius


Uranus serves as the modern ruler of Aquarius. In astrology, each sign is associated with a ruling planet, which has a significant influence on the characteristics and energies of that sign.


Traditional rulership assigns Saturn as the ruler of Aquarius, but the discovery of Uranus in 1781 led to its association with the sign.


On 13 March 1781, William Herschel observed and made note of a new object in the constellation of Gemini. After several weeks of verification and consultation with other astronomers, the object was confirmed to be a new planet, and given the name of Uranus.


Uranus was the first planet to be discovered since antiquity, and the first planet discovered with a telescope expanded our understanding of the solar system.


Hence, Aquarius’s association with invention.

Aquarius Energy and Themes


Progressive, original, independent, humanitarian, brilliance, genius, originality, individuality, humanitarian, electric, inventive.

In Aquarius Season, watch out for:


While the spirit of Aquarius encourages change and independence, there are a few pitfalls to be wary of:


♒️ Be cautious of detached individualism. In the pursuit of independence, ensure you maintain genuine connections and avoid unintentional isolation.

♒️ While embracing the visionary energy of Aquarius, balance innovation with practicality to avoid potential pitfalls associated with neglecting essential aspects of daily life

Actions for Aquarius Season 2024


Aquarius Season invites you to channel your inner muse of genius, embracing qualities such as progressiveness, originality, independence, and humanitarianism.


The energy of brilliance and genius permeates the atmosphere, encouraging you to tap into your inventive spirit.


♒️ Self-Expression: Initiate a personal project that embodies your unique perspective and inventive spirit. Whether Aquarius calls you to start a blog, create digital art, or experiment with a new form of self-expression, let this season be your muse for creative exploration.

♒️ Change Routine: Take a solo retreat to a place that inspires solitude and introspection. Use this time to reflect on your personal values, goals, and aspirations. Disconnect from routine and embrace the quiet space to tap into your inner muse and gain clarity on your journey.

♒️ Humanitarian: Channel the humanitarian energy of Aquarius by engaging in volunteer work aligned with your passions. Whether it’s supporting a local charity, participating in community events, or contributing to a global cause, use your time and skills to make a positive impact on the world.

♒️ Digital Detox: Challenge yourself to a digital detox during Aquarius Season. Allocate specific periods each day to disconnect from screens and social media. Use this time to reconnect with the tangible world around you, fostering a deeper connection with your thoughts and ideas.

♒️ Get involved with community: Join communities that resonate with your progressive and independent spirit. Connect with like-minded individuals who share your values and interests. Engage in conversations that stimulate your intellect and open new avenues for collaboration and personal growth.

Your Aquarius Season Affirmations


♒️ I am a beacon of originality, embracing change with my unique perspective and inventive spirit guiding me towards brilliant possibilities.

♒️ Each day of the Aquarius Season is an opportunity to express my individuality and contribute to the collective brilliance of the world.

♒️ My independence is my strength, and I trust in my ability to navigate change, fueled by the energy of genius that surrounds me.

♒️ Through acts of kindness, compassion, and community engagement, I contribute to the greater good and amplify the spirit of unity.

♒️ I tap into my inner muse, allowing my mind to expand and explore possibilities beyond conventional boundaries.

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