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As a young inquisitive girl educated in a Catholic school, I recall studying the New Testament. Being a feisty child with a curious mind I remember thinking (and asking much to the nuns chagrin), ‘Where are the women?’

With the exception of a few main characters, women had been written out of the story or relegated to supporting characters. Women were one of two dimensional characters; good mother, Mary, or bad girl, Mary Magdalene (I lived out Mary Magdalene over mother Mary!).

Even at a young age, I knew how odd it was that women’s lives weren’t prominent in the stories of the New Testament. It was at this age that I started to internalise the message that the voices of women’s lives were lesser than those of men.

The search begins

Intuitively, I knew that the full story of women’s lives and power throughout history, and in myth, wasn’t being told. So began my search for a spiritual narrative that I could connect with, and where women were front and centre.

Twenty or so years later the search led me to studying astrology. To my great surprise, I found the same two new testament female archetypes in astrology; the Moon (mother) and Venus (Virgin). Not only had women been written out of religion, but they had also been written out of astrology. 

What this told me was that women’s lives had been conditioned to exist within these two archetypes. The ideal woman was now Mother/Virgin who gave birth without sexual intercourse. Once women stepped outside of this social construct they were judged and ostracised.

My spiritual search was about a woman who was passionate about living beyond these culturally assigned roles; where my spirit was equal to that of men’s and where women were visible with full power.

About 15 years ago, my astrology study led me to Demetra George’s ‘Mysteries of the Dark Moon’. Reading this book was an epiphany, and to this day I can’t put it down. In her book George lays out the historical arc of women in society as reflected in religion, myth and astrology.

In earlier societies, Goddesses were revered until 3000 BCE when the Goddess cultures began to decline. The creative spirit was deemed to be masculine to coincide with the rise of male-dominated cultures and monotheistic religions.

Women’s power came to be feared

The powers of the Goddesses and the artistic and social contributions of women who were seen as priestesses and devotees began to disappear from culture. This was reflected in the restrictions to women’s agency, autonomy and access to power.

Women’s power emerging from the shadow

My vision with GlobalWoman is to support all women living lives with full access to POWER, not limited to the culturally assigned roles of ‘feminine power’. This is what freedom is to me. The choice to express myself how I choose to. The freedom to create my life in a way that serves me and excites me.

It’s actually what I’m deeply passionate about and in essence, is the inspiration for GlobalWoman.

Meet the Asteroid Goddesses

I lovingly refer to the asteroid Goddesses as the Goddess Sisterhood. The more prominent Goddesses are Lilith, Ceres, Fortuna, Vesta, Juno, Pallas Athene, Eris + the Triple Lunar Goddess. Knowing which of the Goddess SuperPowers are specific to your chart gives you important information as to the nature of your life’s work and revolution.

The SuperPowers only come to life when they’re activated, honoured and harnessed. Using your Goddess given powers is the difference between living an ordinary life or a revolutionary life. 

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