Saturn in Pisces – Your Creative Renaissance


The Age of Reimagining

On March 8th, 2023, the planet Saturn, after three years in the air sign of Aquarius, entered the sign of Pisces, which it will remain in until February 15th, 2026.


Saturn and Pisces. Earth and Water. Pragmatist and Visionary.


How will this transit play out in your life? Only time will tell, which is accurate given that Saturn rules time.


But, LUMINOUS Wonder from GlobalWoman, is a one-of-a-kind companion to track and embody your Saturn in Pisces Journey, until February 15th, 2026.


At 200 pages+, LUMINOUS Wonder contains all the information you need as Transiting Saturn moves degree by degree, and month-by-month, through Pisces, activating a specific house in your chart. 


  • Section 1: The Intro, including the 6-hour LUMINOUS Wonder Playlist
  • Section 2: Your Astro is where we do the work of creating your chart, the GlobalWoman way
  • Section 3: Saturn, the Planet
  • Section 4: Pisces the Sign
  • Section 5: Saturn and Pisces Meet
  • Section 6: The Journey (2023/2024/2025/2026)
  • Section 7: Resources
  • BONUS + Join Monthly LUMINOUS Calls

Start Reimagining Today

Work with Saturn instead of Saturn working against you

When Saturn enters a new sign, you feel its effect on your life. Saturn says, “GROW” because it only wants what’s best for you in the long term.


Be warned, friend; if you choose not to heed Saturn’s lesson, then be prepared for life to present more challenges.


Saturn is a hard taskmaster.


To embody your LUMINOUS, there is no escaping the work that must be done.


There are no shortcuts with Saturn but there is luminosity to be found in the alchemical process.


Saturn loves structure, whereas Pisces is more about dreaming and creativity.


LUMINOUS Wonder is a nearly three-year journey into The Age of Creativity and Imagination.


A journey from March 8th, 2023 to February 15th, 2026 that encompasses surrendering, submerging, floating, and emerging.


Here’s the LUMINOUS Wonder Lowdown 


LUMINOUS 1 – Introduction

  • Acknowledgment of Country
  • Table of Contents
  • Legal Stuff
  • Letter from Kathryn
  • How to work through LUMINOUS Wonder
  • Your LUMINOUS Wonder Playlist

LUMINOUS 2 – Your Astrology

  • Basic Principles
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Astro Glyphs
  • The 12 Houses
  • The 12 Signs
  • Your Time of Birth
  • Creating your Chart
  • Astro Table

LUMINOUS 3 – Saturn, the Planet

  • Welcome to Saturn
  • Galileo Galilei
  • Saturn in Astrology
  • Saturn the Myth
  • Saturn Keywords
  • Saturn, Seasons and Return
  • Hands of Time
  • Saturn Return
  • Saturn in Pisces Luminaries

LUMINOUS 4 – Pisces the Sign

  • Introduction to Pisces
  • Pisces Keywords
  • Pisces the Sign
  • Meet Pisces Luminaries
  • From all of Water, Comes Life
  • Reimagining Life

LUMINOUS 5 – Saturn and Pisces

  • From all of Water, Comes Life
  • Previous Saturn in Pisces Transits
  • Saturn in Pisces
  • Saturn in Pisces Dates
  • Reimagining Labour
  • Pisces in your Chart


  • SURRENDERING Saturn in Pisces 0° – 7° 13’(2023)
  • SUBMERGED Saturn in Pisces 3°15’ – 19° 26’(2024)
  • FLOATING Saturn in Pisces 14° 31’ – 29° 59’ Pisces (2025)
  • EMERGING Saturn in Pisces (2026)


Including the 3 Saturn in Pisces Retrograde and Retroshade Transits


LUMINOUS 7 – Resources


Have questions about LUMINOUS Wonder?

Who is LUMINOUS Wonder for?

Whether you identify as a creative entrepreneur, are interested in living a creative life, circling the wheel of life and lunar cycles, LUMINOUS Wonder has something for you.

Is LUMINOUS Wonder a Book or a Progam?

Great question! After purchase, you will receive LUMINOUS Wonder as a 200+ book/magazine in pdf. format. Once a month, we meet online to chat about all things Saturn in Pisces for the current month.

Is payment for LUMINOUS Wonder a one-off?

Yes! Your payment today is a one-off payment. No recurring payment or subscription to enjoy LUMINOUS Wonder. 

What language is LUMINOUS Wonder in?

Currently, LUMINOUS Wonder is in English only, yet we do have plans to translate the guide into Mandarin and Portuguese.

Do I need to know Astrology?

You do not need to know Astrology as LUMINOUS Wonder takes you step by step, through all the moving parts. Additionally, the monthly meetings are an opportunity to bring all your questions and insights.

What form does Luminous Wonder come in?

After payment, you receive an email with a download link to LUMINOUS Wonder, which is a 215-page document in a pdf. format.

Can I share my copy of LUMINOUS Wonder with my friends?

A tremendous amount of effort and labour went into realising the gift of LUMINOUS Wonder… countless days and endless nights in my quest to create a robust, quality guide for you, friend.


I ask that you respect the gifts of my labour by not duplicating or sharing the guide. Instead, invite your friends to purchase their own copy of LUMINOUS Wonder. 

When do the monthly calls happen?

The timing and day of the monthly LUMINOUS meetings are determined by location and hemisphere. We’ll sure to give you ample notice and numerous reminders.

How much is LUMINOUS Wonder?

Our vision is to make LUMINOUS Wonder accessible so we cost the guide in local currencies, where we could.

  • Australia $99AUD
  • Canada $99CAD
  • EU €61 EURO
  • New Zealand $99NZS
  • United Kingdom £53
  • USA $99USD

What happens after I pay?

After you click PAY and Stripe processes your payment, our systems will kick into gear and deliver LUMINOUS Wonder to you.

What Antonia said about LUMINOUS Wonder…

“So much – so beautiful. I am up to page 80 and am full to overflowing.


I don’t know how you did it – you must have had angels flying around bringing you the gold and silver and mystery.


Thanks for creating, and – AMAZING JOB!!”


Start Your Creative Rebirth with LUMINOUS Wonder